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8 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins for Websites

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    For those of you who have a business website, of course interaction and communication with clients or potential customers is very crucial and important. The convenience of clients or consumers in contacting you directly through the website will be a separate assessment in determining credibility and professionalism. The flow of interaction between customers and service or goods providers who use the website as a platform for their promotions is currently quite complicated.

    When a potential customer finds your website and is interested in the goods or services offered, they will look for ways to contact you, right? So what did they find? They may find a live chat feature in the bottom-right corner of your website or a phone number to call.

    With a contact form in the form of an email, it allows potential customers who visit the website to send messages quickly via email and respond back to the email according to the free time they have.

    For those of you who use WordPress as a business website, don't worry about the difficulty of adding a contact form to WordPress, because currently there are various types of contact form plugins available. And in this article, you will find out the 8 best WordPress contact form plugins along with the advantages and unique features of each. Please see the explanation!

    1. List of WordPress Contact Form Plugins

    8 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins for Websites

    WPForms is the best and most reliable type of contact form plugin for WordPress because it can be easily used by even novice business website owners. WPForms provides services to create online forms for your business website in just minutes. This plugin also provides various templates for online forms that you need.

    For those of you who want email as a form of contact form on your business website, then this plugin is the right choice. Because WPForms can be easily integrated with the email service provider of your choice. Even this plugin can also configure and collect data from orders, bookings, or purchases made by your website customers from various online payment systems such as PayPal, Stripe, and others.

    Features that the WPForms plugin has:

    1. Doing drag and drop on the form builder makes it easy for you to create forms without using coding
    2. Spam protection feature that can secure forms from sending spam using CAPTCHA and honeypot technology. This technology also allows forms to be multi-page or multi-page.
    3. An instant notification feature that is useful so that you as a website owner know when a customer sends an email via WordPress so you can respond quickly
    4. Personalization feature by detecting geolocation

    In addition to the features mentioned above, WPForms also includes a number of add-ons that can help website visitors contribute directly to your website such as by submitting their own content. These add-ons may be useful for those of you who have a business website in the form of online media. What is no less important is that the WPForms plugin also provides a free version of the service.

    1.1 Gravity Forms

    Gravity Forms is one of the most popular contact form plugins used in WordPress. Gravity Forms offers services in creating forms ranging from simple versions to very complex ones.

    The features offered by Gravity Forms are as follows:

    1. Responsive form creation with spam filters
    2. Adding a payment gateway on the form that can support various digital payments such as PayPal
    3. File upload feature that allows your website to interact with potential customers more interactively. Prospective customers who come to your business website can easily upload files (feedback sheets, proof of payment, and so on) into the form..

    Gravity Forms is suitable for those of you who are looking for a contact form plugin to create complex forms because this plugin has a very complete range of features and services. But you have to remember that Gravity Forms does have a higher price compared to other contact form plugins. Prices offered by Gravity Forms range from $59 to $259.

    1.2 Formidable Forms

    Formidable Forms is a one of a kind contact form plugin available with the free version. But if you want a contact form that is quite complex and looks more professional, then you can choose the Pro (paid) version of this plugin. The Pro version of Formidable Forms comes in two options, namely at a price of $ 99 (for one site) and a version priced at $ 399 (for unlimited sites).

    This plugin is very easy to use in creating forms, especially for someone who doesn't have much knowledge in the world of webmasters. Creating a contact form using this plugin only takes approximately 60 seconds. The speed of time that Formidable offers in creating forms on WordPress is because this plugin has a drag and drop feature.

    The features offered by Formidable Forms are as follows:

    • Import and export forms using XML
    • Make modifications to the HTML and CSS to make the form more the way you want it
    • Can be integrated with WooCommerce which is the most popular e-commerce plugin on WordPress

    An advantage that is no less important is that Formidable is able to create various types and forms of forms, for example survey forms, payments, orders, quizzes, registrations, and even calculators.

    1.3 Ninja Forms

    Are you looking for a contact form plugin with multiple features and the ability to create complex and detailed forms? Then Ninja Forms is the right choice. It comes in both free and paid versions with paid subscription rates starting at only $29.

    This plugin is also mobile friendly and has a drag and drop feature making it very easy to use for business website owners who are very unfamiliar with programming. Ninja Forms also has a support team that is ready to help with complaints and problems regarding the WordPress contact form that you encounter.

    1.4 Visual Form Builder

    The Visual Form Builder plugin has free and paid versions as do most other contact form plugins. The Pro (paid) version of this plugin starts at $29. This plugin also has a drag and drop feature which makes it very easy for users to generate a form.

    The advantage of this plugin compared to other plugins is that it can export your form to a CSV file and automatically saves the form in the WordPress database. In addition to these advantages, another advantage is that you can duplicate the form with just one click, which saves a lot of time.

    1.5 Caldera Forms

    8 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins for Websites

    Caldera Forms has a very attractive display design because its responsive design features allow the form layout to be adjusted according to the screen size of the gadget (smartphone, tablet or laptop).

    Apart from that, this plugin supports several add-ons like Google Analytics, PayPal, BrainTree,, Dwolla, Stripe, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Aweber, A/B Testing and others. Another advantage of Caldera Forms is that it provides conditional logic features, multipage forms, and tracking submissions which are available only by using the free version of this plugin.

    1.6 Contact Form 7

    You are a budding businessman using WordPress as a platform to sell and promote your products and are currently looking for a 100% free contact from plugin? Then Contact Form 7 is the right choice. This plugin has no paid version and is 100% ad free.

    No wonder this plugin has been used by more than 5 million WordPress. Even though it only comes in a free version, it doesn't make this plugin have canned features. Contact Form 7 has many advantages, including security features that can be integrated with Akismet spam filtering and CAPTCHA tools. It can also be used to create automated forms by simply customizing the fields and making modifications.

    1.7 Contact Form by BestWebSoft

    The Contact Form Plugin by BestWebSoft is a “freemium” plugin that comes in both free and paid versions. The paid version is quite affordable compared to other plugins, ranging from $30 per year for one site to $300 for lifetime access.

    One of the uniqueness and advantages of this plugin is that it allows website owners to set their own recipients of the email form that will be created. An example is if your website wants to send an email newsletter only to certain loyal customers, then you can set it up easily using the Contact Form by BestWebSoft plugin.

    2. Conclusion

    Even though having a live chat feature using a website's Virtual Assistant is a great way to communicate and interact with website visitors, it's important to keep a variety of options available to potential customers. After all, most people are probably busy and don't have much time to sit around on calls or constantly texting back with a Virtual Assistant (VA).

    Therefore, creating a form as a contact form in your WordPress is a fairly simple and efficient way. Because currently there are various contact form plugins for WordPress available. Among them are WPForms, Gravity Forms, Formidable Forms, Contact Form by BestWebSoft, Contact Form 7, Caldera Forms, Visual Form Builder, and Ninja Forms. 

    If you are already interested in one of the plugins above, while installing the plugin. Follow the guide on how to install the following WordPress plugins for more information!

    From this list, the most popular contact form plugin is "Contact Form 7" which is available 100% in a free version without having to subscribe to premium to get its various features.

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