What Are Leads? Here are 18+ Secret Tricks to Get it

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What Are Leads? Here are 18+ Secret Tricks to Get it

According to Erzedka Friends, what are the things that are most needed for a product from a business to sell and get lots of customers? Of course some will answer a marketing strategy. Indeed, the marketing strategy is the main star so that the product has many customers.

Currently, various types of digital marketing (such as Facebook Ads, video marketing, Google Ads, and others) have been widely applied by business people in the hope that the products they sell sell quickly and generate lots of profit.

However, a surprising fact from the Baymart Institute shows that 70% of people will not continue the transaction they are making because they are tempted by other products from competitors that they feel have more attractive offers.

Then how do you overcome it so that competitors don't corner potential customers that we have had a hard time getting through digital promotions? Erzedka Friends, don't worry because you can apply a strategy called "Lead Generation" so you don't easily lose potential customers.

What is Lead Generation? Is Lead Generation really that important to apply to business? And how to maximize Leads? These questions will be answered in full by reading this article. So, happy listening!

What Are Leads?

Leads are potential customers who show interest in the products of a brand, thereby making that person a potential customer. The main goal of any company or business is of course to generate as many leads as possible. Because the more potential customers that can be prospected, the greater the profit obtained.

Lead Generation can also be likened to potential customers who voluntarily leave their email addresses or contacts so they don't miss the latest updates on the products they want. Therefore, by mastering Lead Generation, it will be easier for companies to gain loyal customers and understand consumer behavior.

Kinds of Leads

In the world of marketing, Leads are divided into five types, namely, Information Qualified Lead (IQL), Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), Sales Qualified Lead (SQL), Product Qualified Lead (PQL), and Service Qualified Lead (SQL).

Sales Qualified Lead

The hallmark of a Sales Qualified Lead is a potential customer who is interested in buying a product. The customer has even prepared a certain amount of money to pay immediately to have the product immediately. It can also be said that a Sales Qualified Lead is love at first sight where customers are immediately impressed with the product the first time they see it.

Marketing Qualified Leads

Prospective customers included in MQL are people who have interacted with the product (read product newsletters, downloaded e-books, etc.) but are still not ready to make product purchase transactions. Therefore, MQL is the most suitable type of Leads to prospect.

Information Qualified Lead

IQL is also known as “Cold Lead”. Because this type of Lead is the initial stage (first stage) in prospecting potential customers. Potential customers who are included in the IQL still have very little information about the product but they show interest.

Product Qualified Leads

Probably most of the Erzedka Friends are part of these Product Qualified Leads. Because PQL are people who have previously tried using a product through a trial version or a free version. Then they are then interested in continuing to use the product by subscribing or buying the premium version.

Qualified Service Lead

Service Qualified Lead has almost the same meaning as PQL. Service Qualified Leads group potential customers who have tried a free version of a product and who are interested in trying the product in more depth, even if they have to pay a subscription fee.

Secret Tricks to Optimize Leads

In the following section, we will describe some secret tricks to maximize Leads.

1. Understand the Marketing Funnel

The initial step to maximizing Leads is that you have to understand the position of Leads in the Marketing Funnel. It can be seen that the Marketing Funnel has 5 stages, namely Awareness, Consideration, Acquisition, Service, and Loyalty.

Well, Leads are in the second stage of the Marketing Funnel, namely "Consideration". The initial stage of the Marketing Funnel (namely "Awareness") is a promotion strategy through digital marketing, campaigns, content marketing, endorsements, and others. Therefore, without Lead Generation, product promotion efforts that have been carried out with difficulty will end up in vain.

Because product promotion will only result in increased traffic, brand awareness, and exposure. But by adding Lead Generation (such as sending newsletters to new users, distributing special discounts for new members, and so on), potential customers will be more confident in buying products. Apart from that, Leads can also be useful for segmenting customers through the data we get (age, gender, occupation, and other metrics) when they subscribe to the product.

2. Creating Landing Pages

Landing pages on websites that specifically contain important information and details regarding the products being sold are needed to generate leads. Therefore, you can create a Landing Page using a website subdomain so that it's easier for visitors to find out the ins and outs of a product without having to ask customer service or sales first.

3. Create Interesting Content

Content marketing strategies are not only useful for promotional media, but also very valuable in generating leads. For example, your business is engaged in the production of clothing. In hot weather, potential customers often have problems finding clothes that are cool and not hot on the skin. 

Well, you can create content about clothing textiles that are suitable for hot regions (such as cotton, linen, viscose, and others). Then at the end of the article, include recommendations for clothing products that you sell.

4. Hold a Giveaway or Product Trial System

If Erzedka Friends is an active social media user, then of course you often find giveaway events organized by online shops or even big business companies, right? Well, giveaways are indeed considered a pretty powerful way to bring in Leads.

Secret Tricks to Optimize Leads

By distributing free product samples through a giveaway, potential customers will get the opportunity to use and review your product. If the product is good, then they will most likely continue to subscribe and buy the product.

5. Provide the “Subscribe Newsletter” Option

The next strategy for maximizing Leads is through newsletters. Through a newsletter on a user friendly website, customers will receive regular and periodic product updates. Apart from that, newsletters can also provide information about certain discounts so that they can turn prospects into leads.

To send a newsletter, customer data such as email address and name is required. So it would be better if the website is equipped with a form for visitors to fill in.

6. Distinguish Members and Non-Members

It is more interesting if a website provides the option to register as a member (sign up). Because customers who finally register to become members are certain to be potential customers who are very interested in your product.

Then how to maintain member interest and loyalty? You can present exclusive member-only content (content that provides interesting insights and insights and presents detailed data and analysis), member-only discounts, and member-only freebies (gifts or free products).

7. Provide Website Live Chat Services

Prospective customers who have the potential to generate Leads are those who are curious and want to know more about a product. Now, by providing a live chat service on the website, your business has facilitated potential customers who have questions related to products and want to get answers right away.

8. Use Customer Demographic Data

If a customer subscribes to a newsletter, registers as a member, or fills in their personal data when buying a product, then the customer data will be centralized into one database. This data is useful for creating customer personas to find out customer behavior habits.

By understanding customer persona and behavior, you can easily create personalized promos to increase Leads. That way, the marketing strategy that has been implemented using Marketing Mix or digital marketing will not end in vain.

9. Optimizing Social Media

Social media marketing strategies play a key role in terms of marketing, but social media can also be used to generate leads. Through your business social media accounts, you can interact and increase awareness and engagement from your followers by creating customer communities based on where they live. That way, customers will feel that they get more benefits from subscribing to products because they also get new friends and networks. 

In the community group, you can also regularly send information on new products that will be released. Currently, there are several marketing strategies through social media, such as Facebook Ads. The cost of Facebook Ads is also very affordable and economical in the pocket.

10. Holding events or webinars

The convenience of technology allows all activities to be carried out online, including gaining new knowledge. Today's young generation also has a lot of enthusiasm in seeking new insights. Erzedka Friends can take advantage of this to host free webinars.

To be able to take part in the webinar, you can make conditions to subscribe to the website first. With an interesting webinar topic, of course visitors will remain enthusiastic about subscribing to get free knowledge. Well, it is hoped that this can also lead to an increase in Leads.

11. Create a Quiz or Poll

Quizzes and polls that are presented through social media can be a means to gain Leads. The strategies that can be implemented are: for example, social media followers who take quizzes and get the highest results are entitled to a 50% discount voucher. That way, the quiz winners will shop for your products using the discount.

12. Using Out of The Box Copywriting

Copywriting is very influential in terms of prospecting persuasion. Words that seem hypnotizing and right on target will make potential customers curious about the product and want to try it. Apart from that, copywriting also plays a big role in convincing potential customers about the products being marketed.

13. Do Referral Program

Referrals can be a golden opportunity to get Leads. This is because potential customers who are targeted through referral or affiliate programs are those who are ready and willing to subscribe. However, it should be noted that the company must be willing to provide reciprocity for the referral giver in the form of discounts, points, money, or prizes.

14. Offer Special Gifts For New Members

Usually new users need special attention so they want to try the product for the first time until they are addicted to subscribing. Erzedka Friends can provide special promos, discounts, gifts or free shipping for new users who want to buy products. This is expected to support Leads.

15. Upload Customer Testimonials

Testimonials and customer reviews can foster a sense of trust and confidence in other potential customers. By reading lots of positive testimonials, potential customers will feel that the products offered are really good and meet their expectations. It is also hoped that Leads and sales conversions will increase.

16. Create a Face of the Brand

The face of the brand is very influential to create an attractive first impression for potential customers. Currently, the role of influencers is very influential for all the habits and activities of young people. Many Generation Z are oriented towards public figures and influencers in terms of lifestyle.

Therefore, by hooking up a public figure who has resounding prestige and a positive image as the face of the brand, it will make a brand more easily accepted in society.

17. Do a Product Demo

Product demos can be used as a platform to introduce and promote products. But other than that it can also be a field to look for Leads. You can make a strategy by holding a product demo and making a promo for anyone who purchases a product during the demo event will get a special gift or discount. This can attract the attention of potential buyers.

18. Use Hunter.io Tools

Hunter.io is highly recommended especially for B2B business owners. This tool can search and find the email address of a company you want to know about. So if Erzedka Friends needs cooperation, wants to offer products, or other needs to other companies, you really need these tools.

How to use it is quite easy. You only need to enter the website address of a company, then the Hunter.io admin will find an email from that company.

19. Using Linktree

For those who are not familiar with Erzedka Friends, Linktree is a kind of page that is used to list a collection of links. Linktree is often used by online shop owners. But it turns out that Linktree can be a trick to gain Leads, you know! Through Linktree, potential customers can easily find links for each product they want to buy. How to make Linktree is also very easy and anti-complicated.


Lead Generation is a potential customer who shows interest in the product of a brand so as to make that person a potential customer. Leads have many benefits, including mapping target customers, knowing potential customers, making it easier to contact potential customers, and making it easier to do marketing to customer segments that are deemed suitable.

Leads have types namely Information Qualified Lead (IQL), Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL), Sales Qualified Lead (SQL), Product Qualified Lead (PQL), and Service Qualified Lead (SQL). Some tricks to gain Leads that Erzedka Friends can apply are Understanding Marketing Funnels, Creating Landing Pages, Creating Interesting Content, providing the "Subscribe to Newsletter" Option, Holding a Giveaway or Product Trial System, Differentiating Members and Non-Members, and providing Live Chat Services Website.

Apart from the tips and tricks above, there are other secrets to increase Leads. These strategies are collecting customer demographic data, optimizing social media, holding events or webinars, using out of the box copywriting, creating quizzes or polls, conducting referral programs, offering special prizes for new members, uploading customer testimonials, creating a face of the brand. , Do Product Demos, and use Hunter.io tools.

Well, that's enough discussion this time about the secret to increasing Leads. Hopefully this will be useful for Erzedka Friends, OK!

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