What is ChatGPT and How Can we Use it?

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Due to developments in increasingly sophisticated industries, Machine Learning-based OpenAI has developed a breakthrough and is currently being hotly discussed, namely Chat GPT. Hmm, what is Chat GPT? Slightly different from Chatbots in general, GPT Chat is a Machine Learning-based Chatbot used to help generate content ideas, essays, and even solve math questions.

Launched in November 2022, this platform has established its position in various technology and internet industry companies. GPT Chat is a chatbot feature developed by OpenAI, an American research company engaged in artificial intelligence. 

Interestingly, this feature was developed to be able to answer questions and understand the context of conversations so as to produce text that is as meaningful as human speech. So, what is meant by and the advantages of Chat GPT? How to use? Check out the full explanation below..!! Get acquainted deeper with GPT Chat, come on!

What is GPT and How it Works?

What is GPT and How it Works

Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer or Chat GPT is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based chatbot developed by OpenAI. Even though it is designed as a conversational robot, it doesn't necessarily make the conversation feel stiff, you know.

This is because this chatbot is designed to be able to understand the context of the conversation and provide answers according to context so that the interactions that occur will look natural.

For example, a user submits a command to compose an essay. After receiving the command, the robot will manage questions and provide answers in the form of essays in a language style that can be according to the user's wishes.

Not only essays, this chatbot is also capable of creating other things, such as making copywriting text, poetry, describing things, making music, travel plans, and much more. Interestingly, this one chat robot is also able to answer questions that are classified as complicated, you know. This certainly makes it easier to get a solution to the problem at hand.

How come?

After investigating, it turns out that GPT Chat was developed using previously published algorithms and internet content to create new things, such as text, images, code, videos, and so on.

In addition, this platform is also developed based on GPT-3.5 which is a natural language model that produces longer text in seconds. It's no wonder that as of the end of January 2023 active GPT Chat users have reached 100 million people.

Even though this chatbot was just launched in November 2022. Which means it took only two months for OpenAI to attract 100 million active users to GPT Chat.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of GPT?

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of GPT

To be able to present output, Language Model-based ChatGPT has been trained with a large set of data (dataset). When the user enters a command, ChatGPT will match it with the data it has learned. Then, ChatGPT will present predictions, responses, or answers according to the commands entered by the user. 

For example, a user enters the text "I want to eat", then the Language Model can complete it based on the command so "I want to eat tofu". That's just an example. ChatGPT responses can be more complex. ChatGPT can answer or respond to various user commands and questions. 

1. Advantages of GPT

ChatGPT is designed to produce responses in natural language. The GPT chat is a chatbot developed by an artificial intelligence company, namely OpenAI. Here are the advantages:

a. Flexible Language Style

Not only providing answers to user questions, GPT Chat is also designed to be able to follow human language styles in general. So, users can experience a new experience by asking a robot but with a flexible answer like asking a human.

b. Time Efficiency

Searching for answers to your questions on search engines will certainly take a long time. Because, you have to look for one website which can provide the most appropriate answer to this question. However, it's different when you use GPT Chat. This robot will provide answers to your questions in less time.

Just type in the core of the topic or question you want to find out the answer to, the robot will immediately answer the question in seconds. Interesting, huh?

c. Easy to Use

Furthermore, the advantage of GPT Chat is that it has an interface that is easy for all people to use. Starting from children to adults. Just type the command as needed, the chatbot will automatically explain things more simply and briefly.

d. Can Multitask

GPT Chat can also perform multiple tasks at one time. Starting from answering questions, creating random text, correcting typos, and much more. That way, the user's work is more effective because they can do various things simultaneously through this application.

e. Enough Big Database

GPT Chat has trained millions of texts from the internet. This makes it knowledgeable on a wide range of issues enabling the model to understand a wide range of issues and provide relevant responses. Of course, this cannot be separated from the application of the deep learning method to this chatbot made by OpenAI.

f. Can be integrated with other platforms. 

The next advantage of ChatGPT is that the AI chatbot program supports plugins to expand its features and functions. This chatbot program can be integrated into other applications or platforms. 

g. Saves operational costs

Quoted from the journal entitled "The Benefits and Challenges of ChatGPT: An Overview" by Jianyang Deng and Yijia Lin, because it can be integrated with other platforms, ChatGPT can save operational costs for businesses.

ChatGPT with its human-like responses can be used to carry out company tasks in responding to customers on customer service platforms. In this way, ChatGPT can potentially cut the costs of providing human labor which is quite expensive.

2. Disadvantages of GPT

Apart from the advantages, there are some disadvantages. Anything? Check out the explanation, come on!

a. Has Limited Understanding

Unlike humans who have the ability to research valid information from various sources, chatbots can only provide responses according to user questions. Therefore, even though this feature can provide answers according to user needs, human supervision and intervention are still needed.

b. Haven't been able to shift creative workers

As previously explained, one of the capabilities of GPT Chat is content creation and copywriting. Even so, creating content and copywriting is not as easy as stringing together text, you know. This is because the ability to avoid duplication, apply empathy, variety, and emotion in text is still one of the important things in creating content.

This is so that the resulting content or copywriting can be personalized according to the target audience. Therefore, this robot is very likely to be used as an additional tool when working. However, human creativity has not been replaced by AI.

c. Answers are not always correct

The next drawback of GPT Chat is in terms of answer accuracy. This robot is trained to understand many things sourced from internet data. Therefore, it is possible that the information obtained is inaccurate.

This will certainly affect the response that there may be an error in the answer. For this reason, it is important for you to continue to re-verify all answers from this chatbot.

d. Not Able to Distinguish Facts and Opinions

Again, because GPT Chat is trained on internet data, in some cases the platform is unable to distinguish between fact and opinion. Therefore, as a user, you must keep checking the answers and not swallow the information from the robot raw.

e. Requires a Stable Internet Network

The last drawback of GPT Chat is that it requires a stable internet network. To access it, you need an internet network. However, not quite up there. 

Make sure your internet network is stable so that the robot can work optimally. Because, if the internet network is bad, then this chatbot will display a lot of bugs and cannot provide the answers you expect.

How Can I use ChatGPT?

How Can I use ChatGPT

Here are the steps for using GPT Chat. Come on, see!
  1. First of all, open your browser on your mobile or PC.
  2. Visit the https://chat.openai.com page.
  3. After that, Sign Up to create an account by clicking Create an OpenAI account.
  4. Register via email account, Microsoft, or Google.
  5. Next, OpenAI will send a verification code via your WhatsApp.
  6. After the code appears, enter the code and you will immediately be redirected to the platform dashboard.
  7. Enter the desired command.
  8. Wait a few seconds for AI to give an answer.
  9. Finished.


ChatGPT can be used to chat normally as if interacting with fellow humans. Users can chat on various topics with ChatGPT. For example, users can ask ChatGPT to joke about sentences or commands given.

That is an explanation of the benefits of ChatGPT in everyday life. From the explanation of the benefits of ChatGPT above, users can more easily understand what things ChatGPT can do to help complete tasks.

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