How to Check DA PA Website & How to Improve It

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Checking the DA PA of your blog or website regularly is necessary. DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) are indicators that function to make it easier for users to review the overall website performance.

The hope is that after you check DA PA and know the score, you can have the opportunity to increase website ranking. But how do you increase your DA and PA scores? Do both really have the influence to raise rankings in search engines?

Well, this article will answer the questions above. We will discuss a number of things from: the meaning of DA and PA, how to check DA PA and various factors that determine the DA PA score on a blog or website.

What is Page Authority and Domain Authority?

What is Page Authority and Domain Authority

Domain Authority (DA) is a number or score developed by Moz — one of the popular SEO tools — to predict a website's ranking opportunities in search engines. This scale counts from a number from 1 to 100. The higher the DA score of a website, the higher the chance for the website to be in the top position of search engines.

However, that doesn't mean DA is the only determining factor for website ranking on Google. The DA score is just a prediction and not an official metric used by Google to determine website ranking (you can see a detailed explanation of this in the section on the determining factors for the DA score).

Besides Domain Authority, you also have to care about the Page Authority (PA) score. Page Authority is a score that was also developed by Moz to show the chance of ranking website pages in search engines.

The scale of the PA score also applies from 1 to 100, the same as the score on DA. The higher the score, the higher the chance for a website page to rank high in search engines. By knowing the PA score, you can also evaluate which parts of the content need to be improved in quality so that they can outperform competitors'.

What's a good Authority Score?

To understand it better, the following is a categorization of DA scores.

<30 = bad
30-40 = below average
40-50 = average
50-60 = good
60-70 = very good
>80 = best 

How to Check DA PA Blogs and Websites?

How to Check DA PA Blogs and Websites

You can check the DA PA website with the following DA PA checker tools:

1. Check DA PA with Website SEO Checker

With this tool, you can check DA PA for free. Here's how to check DA PA on Website SEO Checker:

  • Enter the Website SEO Checker page.
  • Type your website address in the column “Domain Authority Checker – DA checker”

How to Check DA PA Blog & How to Improve It

  • Check the “I am not a robot” box.
  • Wait a moment until Website SEO Checker displays the DA PA of your website.

2. Check DA PA with MOZ

MOZ lets you check DA PA websites for free. Even though usage per month is limited, this DA PA checker still helps to find out your authority score easily. Here's how:

  • To be able to check DA PA, you need to visit the Moz tools link at
  • Enter the website or blog address in the analysis column. In this example we enter the Niagahoster address. Then, click Analyze.

How to Check DA PA Blog & How to Improve It

  • After that, you will be shown an overview column containing DA scores, Linking Domains, Inbound Links and Ranking Keywords.
  • If you want to see the PA score, click Compare Link Profiles in the left sidebar menu.

How to Check DA PA Blog & How to Improve It

  • Then, click Exact Page to check DA PA at once.

How to Check DA PA Blog & How to Improve It

3. Check DA PA with Ahrefs

Somewhat different from MOZ, Ahrefs does not use the terms DA and PA. Instead, DR alias domain rating. Domain rating shows the strength of a website's backlinks. Here's how to check website authority for free via Ahrefs:

  • Open the Ahrefs Authority Checker Website.
  • In the analysis column, enter your website address. Don't forget, press Check Authority.

Check DA PA with Ahrefs

  • Check the "I'm not a robot" box.
  • Now, you can see what the website's domain rating score is.

4. Check DA PA with Majestic

Compared to MOZ and Ahrefs, the free version of Majestic doesn't clearly show DA and PA scores. But, you can see backlink history, backlink breakdown, duplicate backlinks, and other metrics from a website.

Now, let's see how to check DA PA via Majestic:

  • Open the Majestic website page.
  • Enter the website address into the analysis box.

Check DA PA with Majestic

  • Wait for Majestic to display the website analysis results.
  • Scroll down until you find all the metrics related to backlinks.

5. Check DA PA with SEMRush

How to check DA PA next, using SEMrush. This DA PA checker uses the term Authority Score to indicate the quality of the domain and its website pages. This is how to check DA PA with SEMRush:

Check DA PA with SEMRush

  • Wait a moment until SEMRush displays the website authority score.

What Determines Authority Score?

Please note that there are more than 40 factors for Moz to determine the DA score on a website. Meanwhile, Google has more than 200 factors to determine website ranking. In addition, the definition of each score is also very relative. 

There is no accurate explanation that says a score of 30, 50, 70 and so on, is a good or bad score. Even though there are more than 40 factors determining the Domain Authority score, there are several factors among which the most influential, namely:

  1. Quality backlinks – one backlink from a popular website is far superior to two backlinks from a low quality website. So, make sure you don't only take into account the quantity / number of backlinks, but also the quality. Relax, we also have articles on how to get quality backlinks.
  2. A high number of referring domains – getting two backlinks from two different websites will support your DA score more — than getting a large number of backlinks from the same website.
  3. Quality of content - content is the main factor of the SERP. So, it's no wonder why the quality of the content on the website also affects the score on DA.
  4. Social signals – Domain Authority assesses the popularity of websites through social signals or engagements such as the number of shares, likes and comments.
  5. Search Engine Friendliness – Search Engine Friendliness is the quality of the overall structure of the website. This factor is important in the scoring of DA. He will assess whether the use of the website is user friendly or not.

Now, after you know some of the most influential DA factors, maybe your next question is: Is Domain Authority still important for websites?

Important. This is because Domain Authority was created as a comparison metric between the quality of your website and competitors' websites. That is, if your DA score is lower, use the results for evaluation material so that the quality of your website can be further improved.

Do an analysis from all sides. For example in terms of inbound links, backlinks, website speed, CTR (Click Through Rate), domain popularity, and so on. With the quality of the website increasing, the chances of being ranked top in search engines will also be even greater.

How do I increase my Domain Authority and Page Authority?

How do I increase my Domain Authority and Page Authority

So that your website has good DA and PA scores, you can apply various ways to increase the DA PA of your blog below.

1. Improve link building

Link building is part of off page SEO. By building link building optimally, we can get various exposures outside the website page, friend. Also make sure the links coming to your website have good quality and authority.

The more pages that mention or direct visitors to our website, the more opportunities the brand will have not only to increase brand awareness, but also to improve DA and PA scores.

2. Maximize on-page SEO

Maximizing on-page SEO can help crawlers find our website better. Apart from that, improve SEO performance by making regular updates and implementing keywords correctly.

3. Mobile friendly pages

Most website visitors are mobile phone users. Therefore, supporting their comfort by ensuring your website is mobile friendly is a priority, friend. We can display pages with a display that is not too full compared to the desktop display.

Apart from that, it is also necessary to carry out other optimizations such as selecting themes, fonts, pop up messages and so on.

4. Analyze competitor content

Analyzing competitor content is very necessary, especially to see what competitors are doing. From this content, we can get a better picture of search intent or other trends that we can't yet read about in the market, friend.

Always try to make what you create one step ahead of your competitors and provide in-depth analysis, so that your content looks credible.


It is highly recommended that you regularly check the DA PA website or blog regularly. So that you can know the development of your website compared to competitors. However, don't get too obsessed with the scores of the two. As we explained earlier, DA PA is just a number to help you compare the quality of one website to another.

From there, you can see which parts you need to improve so that the quality of the website can be better. Either on-page SEO, off-page, technical, or other.

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