Workflow and Helpdesk Benefits for Companies

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Have you ever encountered Helpdesk writing on a digital platform? Usually located at the end, with small writing but quite easy to find. Most people have probably seen it, although they may not have always paid special attention to it.

Helpdesk is a feature that the company has deliberately prepared to serve or respond to all types of questions from its customers or users.

This is also an important feature for companies to get feedback from their users. However, there are still many users who do not understand and understand the use of this important feature. Let's get to know the Helpdesk and some of its functions.

Get to know the Helpdesk

Workflow and Helpdesk Benefits for Companies

What is a Helpdesk? Helpdesk is an important feature that not only answers user questions and complaints but also serves as a point for assessing company quality. The helpdesk application is one of the communication features between the company and its users or customers. Companies that want to improve their quality need to continue to develop their problem handling capabilities.

A technology expert named Wooten (2001) said that a Helpdesk is part of a formal organization that serves users or users of company products, company services and technology. The helpdesk is actually the main point of problem and the issues are reported and managed in a systematic and organized manner.

The existence of a Help Desk is important in mapping company problems. Companies must have a Help Desk to support their optimization. Helpdesk is a team or group of people assigned to answer all questions and complaints from users of company services digitally.

Questions can be in the form of technical problems or user problems in accessing digital services. Not only does it help companies find feedback from their users, the existence of a Helpdesk really helps users who are experiencing difficulties. The help desk will be the first feature that users contact to complain about problems.

Details of Helpdesk Duties

Looking at the explanation above, you might immediately suspect that the Help desk is similar to office Customer Service (CS) work, but it turns out there are several differences between them. The Helpdesk's job is to handle user problems through the company's digital services. Help desks only exist in digital services, whether on websites, start-ups or applications.

Unlike CS which requires users to come directly and submit complaints face to face, at this Help Desk there are several alternative methods that users can choose, such as complaints via email, call center, and several related social media accounts. Providing alternative options is intended for users to be able to adapt their choice of method to their own needs.

Large companies generally have two help desks that help their performance, namely external and internal help desks. The external Helpdesk team is tasked with serving users outside the company as previously explained. Meanwhile, the internal Helpdesk is assigned more to serve the problems of employees and policy makers (stakeholders) when using digital-based services.

Company Benefits of Providing a Helpdesk Team

Some companies have implemented the formation of a Helpdesk team. Companies don't just place IT people in the Help Desk team. As its position as a multidimensional resource for organizations places many people who understand and comprehend the entire digital service.

The Helpdesk team not only provides information and support to customers or users regarding company or institutional products and services, the Helpdesk also needs to have smart thinking in solving various problems and providing complete guidance that is easy for users to understand. Here are some of the benefits of companies that have a Helpdesk team in them.

1. Get User Satisfaction

User satisfaction with digital services, both applications and company websites, will be very important to increase the company's good rating. The Helpdesk Team is one of the main keys to achieving user satisfaction.

The helpdesk must be filled with selected people who are good at solving problems and providing solutions quickly, precisely and consistently. It's not easy to be on the Helpdesk team, but their role is very important in getting this satisfaction.

Users will meet more with the Help Desk Team compared to other division teams. It's not surprising that user assessments are more or less influenced by the answers and solutions provided by the Helpdesk. During the complaint session, the Help Desk Team will usually ask users to provide their level of satisfaction with the service.

Users who are satisfied with the services provided by the Help desk team will increase Customer Loyalty or customer loyalty to a business. To get this level the Helpdesk team needs to get a lot of customer satisfaction.

2. Improving the Quality of Digital Services

The Helpdesk team must be aware of several problems that often arise in the company's digital services. These problems must be differentiated and defined appropriately. That way, the Help Desk Team can provide appropriate alternative solutions to this problem.

The Helpdesk team must previously understand and comprehend all digital service components well, along with the digital features included in it, such as the WhatsApp Business API. That way, the Help Desk team can identify problems and immediately provide the best solutions that are not only appropriate but also correct in answering the problem.

The Help Desk team also needs to do a lot of coordination with teams related to this digital service, especially with the developer team that has created and operated the service. The development team must provide a complete and precise explanation of this service, along with the feature changes made.

Coordination between the Help desk team and the developer team also continued after the Helpdesk received several problems from customers. These problems are collected and then given to developers to produce problem solutions. This condition can be used as a service assessment to improve its quality.

3. Developing Business Services

A Helpdesk Team is also a good business development strategy. Assessment of service satisfaction provided by customers can be used as evaluation material. The Helpdesk's task is to summarize all problems to be used as material for evaluating company performance.

Its task is always related to users, making the Help Desk understand the ins and outs of the problems most users experience. The help desk must address these issues to find the most optimal solution for its users in the future.

The help desk not only collects problems experienced by users, but assessment services, criticism and suggestions are also widely accepted. All of this feedback is very necessary for companies to map the situation of their users, regarding their needs and requests.

Job evaluation also includes exposure to criticism, suggestions and user assessments. The help desk provides the data it has to be discussed together in job evaluations. It is important for companies to carry out work evaluations using this method to find the best digital services that not only suit the company's goals, but also solve problems faced by users.

Helpdesk Workflow

Helpdesk Workflow

The Helpdesk team does have responsibility for technical problems raised by customers or users, as well as providing good problem solving. For this reason, being a Helpdesk must be able to record, convey and resolve customer problems according to procedures, make reports or recapitulate problem resolution, then request validation with the approval of several users or company members.

The work of the Helpdesk team does not only rely on good hearing but also the ability to criticize a problem and determine a solution. Of course, in this stage there are many details of the activities carried out by the team.

1. Helpdesk Receives Customer Complaints

The Helpdesk team's work flow will start when there is a problem, or start after a trouble ticket is sent by the user. Users who experience problems with either the system or program will submit customer complaints on the Helpdesk page.

2. Junior Helpdesk Team Response

This complaint from the user will later be responded to by the Junior Helpdesk team by providing some information to resolve the problem. Junior Helpdesk will handle several basic problems that are still simple and common.

3. Response from the Specialist Helpdesk Team

The situation is different when the problem is quite complicated and the Junior Helpdesk cannot provide an answer, then this trouble ticket is forwarded to the Help Desk two levels above. And if the problem cannot be resolved, it will be continued back to the Helpdesk specialist (back-end).

This specialist helpdesk is assigned to answer several complicated and complex questions. This help desk is more familiar with the system and some accesses that the help desk level below does not have.

Structure and Levels in the Helpdesk

The helpdesk has several levels in its role in the company. This is done because the problems that users will ask about cannot only be solved at one level, some problems can involve larger systems.

In the explanation of the tasks above, the differences in levels in the Helpdesk are indirectly explained. The structure and levels in Helpdesk work are called Helpdesk Levels. Some of these levels are Levels 1-3.

1. First Level

Level 1 or the first level is the first party to meet the user. Usually at this level there is a Junior Helpdesk who will handle several commonly found problems. The problems that will be handled at this first level revolve around basic problems regarding the services and systems operated by users.

2. Second Level

If level 1 cannot answer questions or complaints given by users, it must be connected to the level above or level 2. Different conditions are found at level 2. This level has much greater information coverage than at the first level. Even the system used in the device is more complex than the first level.

It is possible that questions from customers have not yet found a solution. Then it will continue at level 3. This is the last level and the highest structure in the Help desk. Problem solving is devoted to several complex problems that cannot be provided in previous levels.

3. Third Level

This third level will allow for direct meetings between the Helpdesk and customers. This is done because sometimes in telephone calls no solution can be found, so to make it easier, meetings are held for freer mutual communication.

At this level, it is carried out by professional Helpdesks who have worked as Helpdesks for many years and know the ins and outs of the company and services clearly. You don't have to meet customers directly, you can use the customer service application to communicate and answer customer questions.

Helpdesk Flow Answering

Helpdesk Flow Answering

The helpdesk in the previous explanation explained that it is tasked with helping users when they find problems. The company will utilize services that have been designated or listed in digital services. Customers will send these questions via several methods, whether via email, telephone, fax, and so on.

These questions will be collected and answered as the Help desk method is selected. If a question is asked via telephone, the Help Desk will quickly connect the call, but this is different from questions that are deliberately given in writing.

The help desk software will respond quickly and accurately to every incoming question and complaint. Some complaints sometimes appear to be constantly sent from users. These questions then go through a process to determine the main problem points.

The tools used by the Helpdesk will track all outstanding issues. Especially if the issue spreads and has the potential to cause losses to the company. The helpdesk will provide notifications to customers once the problem is resolved or successfully resolved.

The existence of devices and systems is indeed the most important point in the Helpdesk resolving user problems and complaints. The helpdesk will be assisted with the devices and systems in providing solutions. The company will create a digital page for internal use by its employees. Through this digital page, the Helpdesk will access data based for use in solving problems.

The software used by the Helpdesk really helps its performance in Customer Support. It is easier for the Helpdesk to find problem spots there. Requests for information and complaints will be combined in the customer ticket. This ticket will later be processed by the Helpdesk to be given to a specific expertise team to find the root of the problem.


The type of company Helpdesk software is the most important point. The Helpdesk will classify the questions that have been collected into this ticket. The Helpdesk will classify the forms of questions into several categories, such as questions related to company measurements, their services or products, and target markets.

As previously mentioned, software is an important point in the Helpdesk carrying out its duties and work. There is a lot of information and data available in it. This software can be software that is intentionally used.

Of course, the existence of this helpdesk software is very important for companies. Because, the Helpdesk can help resolve user problems more quickly and increase user trust in the company.

That is an explanation of what a helpdesk is and its role in a company. AdIns provides Virtual IT Department software which is useful for making your IT team's work easier. The IT team doesn't need to bother handling customer complaints and focuses on their work. Contact our team immediately to try the demo version of this software.

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