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hPanel vs cPanel Comparison: Which one is Better?

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    What is the difference between hPanel vs cPanel? Discover the advantages and disadvantages of each hosting control panel in this article.

    To manage website hosting packages, you need a tool called the Hosting Control Panel. With it, you can easily manage domains and email accounts, install applications, and configure settings.

    Actually, this can also be done directly via the server, but you must have technical skills because just one mistake can ruin the entire website. So, control panel is an easier solution for anyone.

    These panels generally have functions that are intuitive, easy to use, and able to save your time and resources. While cPanel is still the most popular, many alternatives are now available, including our very own hPanel.

    hPanel vs cPanel Comparison

    While cPanel has an active community and comprehensive documentation, hPanel offers an easy-to-use dashboard, contextually clear menus, and a more modern appearance. Internally developed panels like hPanel can also help save costs, but with greater flexibility for new features.

    When choosing a hosting service for your website, it is important to consider the control panel you will use. Two common choices are hPanel vs cPanel. In this article, we will compare the two to help you choose the one that best suits your website needs.

    What is hPanel and what are its advantages?

    hPanel is a control panel developed by Hostinger, a well-known hosting provider. hPanel's interface is very intuitive, making it suitable for beginners. Here are some of the advantages of hPanel:

    • Modern Interface: hPanel offers a modern and easy-to-use interface, making website management easy.
    • Full Features: Although newer, hPanel has complete features for managing sites, such as file, database and email management.
    • Speed: hPanel is known for its fast performance, providing a good user experience.

    hPanel is a hosting control panel specially made by our developers, UX engineers and researchers. There are main features for managing hosting, such as domains, email, and file and database management.

    The first advantage of hPanel is that it has an easy-to-use interface, even for beginners. As a user-friendly tool, hPanel provides File Manager, Hosting and Email Account Management, and FTP features. You can also monitor bandwidth and disk capacity, create parked domains, and install necessary software such as WordPress or Joomla.

    What is cPanel and what are its advantages?

    cPanel is one of the most popular hosting control panels in the hosting industry. Here are some of the advantages of cPanel:

    • Popular and Trusted: cPanel has been used for a long time and has a large community, making it easy to get support.
    • Rich Features: cPanel has various features for managing websites, including automatic installation and database management.
    • Plugin Support: You can easily add additional features via plugins in cPanel.

    Simply, cPanel is a Linux-based control panel that is currently the hosting industry standard and is widely used among developers. Through its interface, users can manage their web hosting accounts efficiently.

    Like other popular control panels, cPanel also has its advantages and disadvantages.

    What are the differences between cPanel and hPanel?

    From the easy installation process to the MySQL database, hPanel is similar to cPanel. The main difference is the developer, where hPanel is our own in-house tool designed to optimize each customer's experience.

    The following are the main differences between hPanel and cPanel and other web-based admin tools:

    • Cloudbase – user-accessible hPanel areas are based on high-availability cloud architecture, deliver excellent operational performance and provide a clean experience with visual dimensions, action queues, and advanced UI/UX features. As a result, the hPanel interface is more organized and visually appealing.
    • Speed – for maximum speed and reliability, each server has only API end-points connected to the hPanel front area. Meanwhile, cPanel is fully hosted on each server individually using its resources. From this comparison, hPanel is superior in terms of performance.
    • Old vs new software – although it offers updates, cPanel uses old, outdated software. Meanwhile, hPanel was designed from the ground up a few years ago and continues to incorporate the latest technologies and tools available.

    For customers, the hPanel architecture provides significantly faster response times due to multiple cache layers. Users can also host more accounts on one server so they can save more costs.

    hPanel vs cPanel comparison

    hPanel vs cPanel comparison

    • Interface: hPanel has a more modern and simple interface, while cPanel has an older but familiar interface.
    • Security: Both offer security features such as SSL and firewall, with more flexible configuration in cPanel.
    • Support: cPanel has great community support, while hPanel also has responsive support.

    Detail About Advantages of hPanel

    So, now we will discuss the advantages of this control panel in more detail. If you are currently opening hPanel, please return to the Home Page. Then, click Manage on your hosting package.

    The entire hPanel dashboard will be displayed, with a summary of your hosting plan. There is a search column in the top left corner, main features in the middle, and the main menu in the left sidebar.

    • The WordPress menu allows users to install, monitor updates, and manage website plugins. You can also activate a secure website connection and activate maintenance mode.
    • The Performance section displays daily website performance statistics, package usage, and daily website data. You can see important details such as processing power, memory, and website errors. This section also provides features for updating or upgrading the current hosting package.
    • In the Email area, you can create and customize email accounts. Additionally, this section helps you perform other tasks such as email forwarding, customizing email addresses, and automatic replies.
    • The Website section provides options for various aspects of your website. For example, you can use the Automatic Installation feature to automatically install more than 50+ apps, including WordPress.
    • The File menu allows users to import or move (migrate) websites from other hosting with a free and fast automatic process. You can also access the FTP menu here to view the information or change the password.
    • Then, there is an Advanced section for users who already have technical skills. You can choose the PHP version, activate extensions, manage time zones, clear cache, or view website activity logs. There is also a cron job to run scripts and connect to SSH to transfer data automatically. Here, you can also launch applications directly from the Git repository, as well as view hosting plan SSH details from here.
    • In the Account section, you can reset your account, delete all files and information from your account, and return to the original settings.

    1. FileManager

    This feature allows you to access website files to edit, delete, extract, or move them to another folder. Users can also upload files directly to the server. Additionally, this feature displays the directory size and which directories are taking up the most space.

    Updates are released regularly for File Manager. You can create, import and edit databases using the most popular administration tool, phpMyAdmin. You can also create remote connections to the database and make changes anywhere.

    Things that are basically quite technical you can do with just a few clicks. You don't need to be a developer or website expert to handle the technical aspects of a website.

    2. Additional Features

    There are also additional features available in hPanel such as an IP blocking feature so that certain IP addresses cannot access your website, and a password feature to protect the website or page. You can block direct access to certain file types and check folder indexing.

    To view the activity log, you can open the Advanced menu. This feature will monitor all actions taken on your website.

    You can even deactivate your account completely in the Account section and cancel files, emails and all related websites without a restore option if you want to completely delete the website. Everything can be done easily, and without problems.

    So, Choose cPanel or hPanel?

    Even though cPanel is more popular, the prices offered are increasingly expensive. Compared to hPanel, the cPanel interface looks more confusing, and its functionality is less than optimal. Of course, with such an expensive price and not so good features, you would definitely prefer another tool, right?

    Well, hPanel provides more complete features such as performance statistics, package usage information, domain information, database changes, and advanced configurations. Users can easily find everything they need to manage their website.

    Overall, hPanel is superior to cPanel when we compare the benefits gained vs. price. Specially designed based on the latest technology and can be adapted to customer demand, the super flexible hPanel also provides regular updates and features.


    hPanel and cPanel are two powerful hosting control panel options. hPanel offers a modern interface and full features, while cPanel is the most popular and has great community support. Choose a control panel that suits your knowledge and your website needs.

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