Understand 4 Mobile Marketing Strategies So Your Ads Will Be Watched

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Mobile marketing strategy is a marketing method that can be used by both large and small businesses. This is because mobile devices are used everywhere.

Apart from that, the mobile marketing format allows you to advertise or run campaigns with minimal capital. However, before moving on to discussing mobile marketing strategies, what does it actually look like?

One simple example is that you are playing your favorite game on your cellphone. When you complete one level, of course you will be directed to the next level.

Before you can play the next level, an ad suddenly appears. Whether it's a display ad or a video ad, you can skip it in a few seconds. That's mobile marketing.

Understanding Mobile Marketing Strategy

Understand 4 Mobile Marketing Strategies So Your Ads Will Be Watched

According to Investopedia, mobile marketing is any advertising activity that promotes products and services via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets. Mobile marketing strategies utilize technological features of communication tools, including GPS. This is to adjust marketing campaigns based on user location.

With mobile marketing, promotion of goods and services can be personalized according to the interests and behavior of telecommunications equipment users.

Mobile marketing includes promotions via SMS, MMS, applications downloaded with push notifications, advertisements in mobile games, mobile websites, and scanning QR codes.

The key players in mobile marketing are brands as advertisers and service providers who activate mobile advertising.

Mobile advertising targets audiences not solely based on demographics, but more on their behavior in using mobile devices. One of these behaviors is "snacking".

The term “snacking” refers to the behavior of smartphone users who use their cellphones to seek instant entertainment. Browsing social media, playing mobile games, and reading short articles are some examples of this “snacking” behavior. This behavior can be an opportunity for business people to carry out mobile marketing strategies.

Types of Mobile Marketing Strategies

There are a number of types of mobile marketing strategies. The strategy is carried out by adjusting the format, specifications and dimensions of the device.

The online advertising format on smartphones will certainly be different from the advertising format on tablets. The following are the types of mobile marketing strategies:

1. SMS Marketing

As the name suggests, this marketing is done via text messages. This mobile marketing strategy is permission-based, because you will send promotions, offers, coupons, etc. directly to the user's cellphone number.

Marketing via SMS is still relevant today, because SMS has a number of advantages. SMS has high deliverability, openness, and engagement rates.

2. Social Media

Mobile marketing strategies can also be carried out on social media. This is because people tend to check their social media via cellphone rather than PC or laptop.

A number of well-known social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, have billions of users. Of course, this has huge market potential to attract new customers.

Various features on social media make it possible to create personal relationships between brands or companies and their customers. Customers can communicate directly with the company via the comments column or private messages.

To advance your business, you can focus on regularly filling out content on social media and getting an audience organically. In order to quickly reach the right customers, you can place personalized social media ads according to user interests.

3. Location Based Marketing

Location-based marketing relies on the GPS function installed on the device. With this type of marketing, you can display relevant promotions and content, according to the user's location.

This mobile marketing strategy is very profitable if you have a local business, such as a cafe, restaurant, boutique, and so on. This type of marketing generates more favorable responses. This is because the marketing carried out is relevant to the location of the device user.

4. In-app Marketing

As a smartphone owner, of course you download a number of applications via the Play Store (Android) or App Store (iOS). Whether this application can help you in your daily life or is entertainment like a mobile game.

In various applications, there is something called in-app advertisement. You can place advertisements in the application to market your products and services through in-app advertisements.

Some popular in-app advertisement formats include banners that appear at the top or bottom of the cellphone screen, video advertisements, or intermediate advertisements. The last ad mentioned, usually appears in mobile games, when switching from one level to the next.

Advantages of Mobile Marketing Strategy

Advantages of Mobile Marketing Strategy

There are several reasons you need to carry out a mobile marketing strategy if you want to market your product or service successfully. This is of course because mobile marketing has a number of advantages.

The following are various advantages of mobile marketing strategies that will help your business marketing:

1. Ease of Access

With the increasing development of information technology, smartphones have become part of everyday life. People start to lose their way if they don't have a smartphone in their hand.

Smartphones can help find addresses, search for information, communicate with many people, and many other uses. The average user spends more than an hour per day on the top five social media apps.

This is why you should focus on mobile marketing. People's high access to mobile phones will ensure that your marketing campaigns can be easily seen.

2. Location and Personalization

Flexibility is another advantage of mobile marketing. You can do marketing based on location, interests, preferences, and user behavior.

With location-based marketing and user personalization, you can promote your products or services to the right users. Transactions also have the potential to occur more than blindly advertising to anyone who doesn't necessarily need your product or service.

3. Has the potential to go viral

Not a few people suddenly become famous because the content they create on social media attracts the attention of many people. The same thing can happen to your business. Interesting advertisements often become the talk of many people and become viral because they are spread and shared from one account to another.

So that your product campaign goes viral, you can combine a mobile marketing strategy with a marketing gimmick. If successful, you will get more exposure without any extra effort or expense.

4. Instant Transactions

Mobile marketing can lead to impulse purchases. This is because of the characteristics of mobile advertisements that appear in the middle of your activities using the application.

While scrolling through an hour's feed, you will come across an ad. Likewise when reading articles or playing games.

Attractive advertisements sometimes give rise to new ideas for consuming something or make people curious and then check it on search engines. This has the potential to lead to impulsive purchases, resulting in immediate transactions.

5. Cost Effectiveness

The most important advantage of a mobile marketing strategy is that you can maximize marketing with minimal costs. Just like online advertising, you can set up a campaign according to the budget you have.

Apart from that, the screen size of a device is much smaller compared to a PC or laptop. The area available for advertising is limited and the content displayed is limited. This affects the size and cost of creating content which is also minimal.


Apart from the four mobile marketing strategies above, you can also use the WhatsApp API as a marketing effort via the mobile platform. Through the WhatsApp API from Jatis Mobile, you can interact more easily with consumers and provide the information they need in a more interactive way. 

That is the meaning, types and advantages of mobile marketing strategies. Build a mature strategy so that your marketing achievements can be maximized.

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