10 Tips for Selling on Facebook Marketplace

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Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms today. Users in Indonesia have reached 116 million, the third largest in the world based on databox. In connection with this fact, of course you can use Facebook's presence as a business opportunity.

How to sell best-selling online on Facebook is very easy, in fact now many people have started selling on this platform. This is natural because Facebook has 2.89 billion active users worldwide. So it opens up opportunities for online stores to sell there.

To find out more information about discussing how to sell best online on Facebook. Let's look at the review below!

Why you Should Sell Online via Facebook Page?

10 Tips for Selling on Facebook Marketplace

There are several reasons that could be considered why selling on Facebook is considered effective and more profitable. Among others are:

1. Social Media with the Most Users

A wide market share and diverse audience will really help the development of your business. Because, this allows your business to reach more people, increase brand awareness, and implement sales strategies.

2. No need to rent a place

Selling online can save your business capital. You don't need to bother renting business locations such as shops, shophouses, and the like. In essence, this way of selling on Facebook is simpler and cheaper.

3. Facebook 'Marketplace' feature

This feature allows purchases directly through the application with a more organized and attractive appearance. You can also see insight reports on the performance of each product you display. So, you can create future strategies that can increase your sales.

What is the Benefit of Selling on Facebook?

Facebook is a social media that has been popularly used for a long time. Even though it is generally only known as social media, Facebook can be used to sell online.

Selling goods online is certainly more profitable than having a physical shop because you don't need to have capital to rent a shop or building. The following are the advantages of selling on Facebook.

1. Public Profile and Seller/Buyer Ratings

When completing a transaction, whether as a buyer or seller, you will receive ratings or feedback from other people involved in the sale. This rating can then be seen by other people and has the potential to attract the attention of other people to make transactions or even switch to other people.

Ratings equal trust between buyers and sellers. This is what convinces someone to make a transaction or not.

2. Integrated Marketing Tools

Creating a page shop on Facebook gives you access to a number of tools that help you market your products automatically, such as automatic replies to questions (chatbot) and reduces the possibility of missing out on potential buyers. These marketing tools include Facebook ads that can drive sales of your products.

3. Real-Time Interaction

When potential buyers are interested in your items for sale, they can send questions via Facebook messenger. This instant messaging application allows users to communicate in real-time so that it can build buyers' trust in you and the products being sold.

4. Free

The fourth advantage of selling on Facebook is that the system is free. Facebook allows you to publish many items you want to sell on the Marketplace for free without limits, unless you want to place ads.

How to do an Online Sale on Facebook?

10 Ways to Sell Online on Facebook

Many people use the best-selling online selling method on Facebook and it has proven successful. Apart from that, you can also provide solutions to problems experienced by potential customers in using the products you offer.

If you can target the target market correctly, there is a big possibility that you can get lots of buyers, because you have promoted to the right people. Here are some of the best-selling ways to sell online on Facebook, namely:

1. How to Sell Online on Facebook by Creating a Business Account

The first way to sell online on Facebook is to create a business account on Facebook. The method is quite simple, first you have to have a Facebook account, then follow the steps below.

  • Log in to your account
  • On the home page, select ‘Pages’ and click ‘Create New Page’
  • Complete all requested data including:
  • Page Name (Enter Business or Store Name)
  • Category (Select category according to the type of goods/services offered)
  • Description (Tell me what you sell and other brief information about your business)
  • Double check the data that has been filled in, then click 'Create Page'
  • Continue the page editing process by completing your profile with a profile photo and banner photo. Make sure the image you choose represents your business.

2. Join a Facebook Group

Facebook is a social media network that contains many communities or groups. The emergence of this community can help you find potential customers.

The way to sell online on Facebook through this group is quite simple, the most important thing is to choose a special group for selling, generally they have group names such as "Buying and Selling Community" and "Buying and Selling Forum".

As an additional way to make your brand or business known to many people, you can participate in responding to discussions in groups. By being active, people will slowly get to know your account and many will visit to see it.

3. Use the Facebook Marketplace Feature

The third way to sell online on Facebook is to use the Marketplace feature. This feature really helps sellers or business people to buy their products more easily. Here's how to use the Marketplace feature, namely:

  • Click the three-line button at the top of your Facebook page
  • Select Marketplace
  • At the top click ‘Sell’
  • Enter a title and price, then select a category
  • Add product photos by clicking 'Add Photo'
  • If you feel it is correct and there is no missing information, click 'Publish'

4. Take advantage of the Facebook Ads feature

Each platform generally has an Ads feature that makes it easier for users, especially for business people who want to target more customers. Yes, on Facebook you can also use an advertising feature called Facebook Ads.

Using the Ads feature on Facebook has different prices, depending on the options and audience you choose. This is because existing advertising prices depend on CPC (Cost Per Click).

If you want to use this method to sell on Facebook. Make sure you target your ads based on age, location, interests, and other things related to the products you offer.

5. Use quality product photos

Using quality product photos plays an important role in your business. Because photos that are clear, have good resolution, and display the original product you are selling will be more attractive than photos taken by Google.

In addition, the use of original product photos can increase customer trust levels. Especially if it is accompanied by a product video that is no less good. Below is the next way to sell on Facebook using quality product photos, namely:

  • The photos used show the product clearly
  • Good image resolution, image is not damaged
  • Original photos of the products you are selling, not photos of similar products from Google
  • If possible, also provide a product video to further convince buyers

6. Provide clear product/service information

Use sentences that are easy to understand and do not mislead buyers. The way to do this is to make the description or caption of your post interesting using copywriting techniques. 

This technique is used to sell on Facebook so that other people know your product better. To create an interesting caption, you can follow the steps below according to your choice. That is:

  • Make an interesting caption so that it makes people interested in reading. An attention-grabbing explanation can be a question, quote, or statement that can catch the reader's attention.
  • Include relevant hashtags to make it easier for your audience to find your content. Apart from being relevant to the content that will be published, you can also use popular hashtags with the most users if they are still relevant to your business niche.
  • Don't make the caption too long. Captions that are too long can make readers lose focus and discourage anyone who sees them from reading them completely. Make a caption that is short, concise and clear.
  • Use emojis to add visual impact to your descriptions. Using emojis in descriptions can make your writing more fun to read and less boring.
  • Use active sentences when writing captions. Active sentences can make captions more lively, fresh and sound interesting.

7. Respond quickly to questions from potential buyers

When you start selling on Facebook, your account must be set to public. This allows the visibility of your account to be seen by anyone. So from here there will always be people who are curious or want to buy from you by directly asking via inbox or commenting on your posts.

Try not to be selective in responding and respond quickly according to your business operating hours. Because people prefer quick and clear answers because they feel valued and are more confident in buying your product.

8. Provide an attractive marketing strategy

There are several strategies that you can try as a way to sell online on Facebook. Some of these include applying discounts to certain products or purchasing predetermined amounts, distributing products or shopping vouchers, and distributing positive testimonials from buyers.

9. Create Useful Content

Just posting about sales will definitely not be very interesting. Visitors may only stay for a short time and then leave. It's different if you contribute to the community by posting useful content related to the products being sold.

This content can take the form of infographics, video tutorials and other educational information. In this way, visitors to your profile can increase and readers who feel helped by your content will willingly share it. In short, you can get free promotions!

10. Analysis of Sales Results

The last way to sell online on Facebook is to analyze sales results. This is done so that every month we can get satisfactory results and not repeat mistakes that have already occurred.


The most efficient way to increase customer trust is to include testimonials from previous buyers. Display testimonials on your Facebook account regularly. The boss can also create a special album containing testimonials. To be more convincing, testimonials should be in the form of images or videos of the product when it reaches the customer.

Those are 10 ways to sell online on Facebook that are easy for beginners to do. These methods do not require capital to rent a shop or physical building because using Facebook is free.

To encourage sales, you can publish item listings in various sales groups and Marketplaces, use high-quality photos, and diligently respond to and check messages sent by potential buyers.

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