What is a Web Browser? Features and Benefits

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Of course, you are familiar and know about web browsers or website browsers. Because, a web browser is an application used to surf the internet. However, do you know the meaning, function and types?

If not, you can read this article completely. Because we will discuss together regarding web browsers, especially the function of web browsers is the main topic.

By knowing the function of a web browser is important, you will more or less understand how the internet works. All this time we use the internet, but don't really know how it works.

What is a Web Browser?

Get to Know the Benefits of Web Browsers

A web browser is an application that can explore, find, search and retrieve content from information sources on the internet network. From the definition of a web browser, it is also usually called software with the function of receiving, accessing, and presenting various information on the internet. 

The meaning in terms of abbreviations is that web is an abbreviation of website, for a browser it is a medium for explorers. So in short, this web browser is an browsing tool for various types of websites on the Internet.

For some people, it is also often called a web browser, which is able to find out all the many sources of information through identification of many sources, such as pages on websites, images, videos and other content. 

These are all internet users looking for any information or data they need to use properly. In this browser, it is the basis for searching for information in various places throughout the world as the first place to display and get all the searches that the user is looking for.

How many types of web browser are there?

Here are several types of web browsers that are quite well known by some people, namely as follows.

1. Google Chrome

This web browser is more widely used by everyone. However, Google Chrome is still young enough to be able to beat previous web browsers because it has good performance. The appearance on Google Chrome can also be said to be friendlier, simpler and more attractive, therefore users are more comfortable when searching for information using this type of web browser. 

And for Google Chrome, it is connected to other Google products, and in this it also adds a form of security that will be better than other web browsers. However, it has a weakness, namely that it takes up a lot of memory.

2. UC Browser

For this type of web browser, some people use UC Browser as their main web browser and use Google Chrome as their second web browser. The advantage of UC Browser is that it can reduce browsing data, so that the data used will be smaller and save data. 

This web browser is also good at downloading because it can process downloaded data quickly and well. The weakness of the web browser is that the design is less attractive.

3. Mozilla Firefox

In terms of performance, Mozilla Firefox is very good and fast, because with this good performance it has a very good level of security compared to other web browsers. There are various features in this Web Browser, such as having add-on features. 

However, there is a weakness of this web browser, namely that it allows many crackers to get serious by taking advantage of the popularity of this web browser.

4. Opera Mini

The advantage of this type of web browser is that the memory resources used are quite small, so users will be able to use the programs in it more quickly and easily. So it is very suitable for computers or laptops with small and low specs. 

As for the weakness, all data from user traces will be recorded by the Opera server, therefore it is said to be less secure and the appearance of the web browser is also not very attractive.

What are functions of a browser?

These are some of the functions of a web browser, namely as follows:

1. Makes it easier to find information from the Internet

When using a web browser to help explore cyberspace, users will easily find the destination address they want to access on the website.

2. Storing various data on the Internet

The bookmarks in this web browser function as a data storage feature on the internet network, if you later want to open the website without having to search for existing websites again on search engines.

3. Opening files using special extensions

This function is to open files using a special extension, for example, opening a PDF with a web browser. The advantage that this web browser has is that it can read various codes, for example, CSS, HTML, PHP, JS and others.

4. Maintain website security

In carrying out the verification process, it is often carried out in a web browser, so that on the website page you will be able to browse the website pages that are dangerous or safe to use.

5. Supports search engine users

Search engines and web browsers cannot be differentiated or separated, because search engines are part of the web browser which can make it easier for users to search for data or information on the internet.

What are Benefits of Web Browsers?

Benefits of Web Browsers

Here are some of the benefits of this web browser as follows:

  • Can provide users easily when accessing a lot of data or information on the internet.
  • Can help users in storing various things and content on the internet which will be saved in documents on the computer.
  • Can be used to open various kinds of sites which are very useful and useful for all people.

How does a web browser work step by step?

These are some of the ways this web browser works, namely as follows:

  • Users access the website by typing the address on the site or URL in a web browser.
  • The web browser will be able to receive various requests from users and will then be turned on to retrieve data from the DNS Server.
  • For data that can be retrieved, namely IP from commands typed by users
  • Then this web browser will be able to be accessed and go to the server using the IP that has been received from the DNS Server.
  • The server has provided data from search engine content in the form of HTML and also other files such as PHP, CSS, etc.



This web browser is very important for human life, with various types, functions, benefits, and ways of working that are better and simpler but can be made easier by exploring all the information and data.

Through the explanation above, this web browser can carry out tasks for people who can search for and obtain various information on the internet.

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