4 Applications and Practical Ways to Make Online Notes

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Do you know how to make online notes quickly and practically? In the business world, one of the most important components is the sales note. You can make a sales note manually by buying directly from a stationery shop or ordering from a printing shop.

In this digital era, you can now make notes from smartphone applications. Are you interested in how to make notes online?

This online note itself functions the same as the physical note in the store. However, what's different is that you can view all sales transactions and send them on one device. Practical, right?

Apart from that, you can also print the notes that have been filled in in the shop name, time, name and quantity of goods, and price. So, you can still save physical evidence whenever your device is damaged.

Now let's find out how to make an online note using the following applications that are available on the internet for free or for a fee.

What is a Note and what is its function?

4 Applications and Practical Ways to Make Online Notes

A sales note is proof of a cash or non-cash purchase transaction for goods given by the seller to the buyer. Generally, sales notes consist of 2 (two) copies for each transaction. The first sheet is given to the buyer, the second sheet is kept as documentation for bookkeeping or checking the seller's stock report.

If the meaning of a sales note is as proof of a transaction, then what is the difference from a sales invoice? The sales note is used as proof of transactions carried out in full (cash) at that time. Meanwhile, a sales invoice is used if the transaction is carried out in the form of credit with a maturity date according to the agreement between the seller and the buyer.

Notes are usually made by sellers when a buyer buys goods or services. For recording purposes, the seller usually makes two copies of paper, one handed over to the buyer and one kept by the seller. Notes have other names/synonyms, namely receipts, receipts, or receipts.

What is the content of the Note?

Notes usually have 7 components:

  • Logo and name of the shop/business issuing the note, accompanied by the address of the business company along with a telephone number where you can be contacted,
  • note number,
  • Transaction date,
  • Name of goods/services purchased,
  • Number of goods/services purchased,
  • Unit price of goods/services, and
  • Total price.

At the bottom of the note, there are several shops/businesses which usually include terms and conditions such as goods that have been purchased cannot be exchanged/returned, a guarantee for a certain number of days, and so on.

What are the disadvantages of manually written paper notes?

Paper notes written manually are practical but have disadvantages:
  • writing can be less clear, especially if you are in a hurry,
  • must calculate the total price manually or with a calculator,
  • not automatically captured in business financial reports,
  • could be scattered or lost, and
  • You could write down the consumer's WA number incorrectly if you don't check with WA (just write the number on the note).

How to Make Online Notes

How to Make Online Notes

The way to make an online note is actually the same as the way to make a physical note in general, the difference is the platform used.

Immediately, let's find out about the application for making online notes easily and without any hassle, as below.

1. Paper.id

The first recommended digital note-taking application is Paper.id. On this platform, it will be easier for you to create online notes because there is a special feature for creating sales notes.

The way to make online notes in this application is

  • You must enter the Paper.id sales invoice feature by creating an ID and password first.
  • Create a sales note by clicking the button in the top right corner.
  • Fill in the components that must be filled in
  • Finally, after all the columns are filled in, you can send it directly to the buyer or print the note first.

The invoice that you have created on Paper.id will be sent in less than 1 minute, there are also alternative payments via digital payment Paper.id or via bank transfer, and there are reminders of invoices that have not been paid or have been paid.

You can enjoy the features above at no cost or free, this application is very suitable for you as an MSME entrepreneur or freelancer.

2. Simple Invoices

One way to make an online note is to use the Simple Invoice platform. In this application, you can create digital notes and send invoices and bills to buyers directly.

How to make an online note on this platform is quite simple, you just fill in all the required columns. In fact, you can enter your business logo, taxes and discounts. You can also send it directly to the buyer via email or download in PDF form.

Unfortunately, one of these online note taking applications is not free. However, the price offered is relatively cheap, you know. Only IDR 14,000 per month and you can send unlimited notes.

3. Tacktile Systems

You can use how to make online notes using an application called Tacktile Systems for free with several feature limitations. But don't worry, the subscription fee is also fairly cheap, starting from just $2.5.

The features available in Tacktile Systems can help you manage invoices, accounting, inventory, financial budgeting and much more. You can send the note that you have created in this application directly to the buyer via WhatsApp, email, even Skype.

4. Invoicera

If the online note making applications above still feel unsatisfactory, you can try a platform called Invoicera. This application has helped more than 3.5 million users and has been around for 17 years.

How to make an online note at Invoicera is fairly easy and will make the invoice you make look more professional. You can set your own invoice template and can add discounts on your sales items.

For security matters, Invoicera guarantees your security by providing three layers of security. With excellent features and services as mentioned, Invoicera sets prices starting from $14/month.

These are several ways to make online notes using a digital platform that you can use to make your business run smoothly. After knowing how to make online notes using the application, you also need to know its function or benefits.

Functions or Benefits of Making Online Notes

The difference between online notes and physical notes is the creation platform and delivery method. If physical notes can be taken directly by buyers, online notes will reduce the distance between sellers and buyers by sending via WhatsApp, SMS or email.

You can feel the benefits of online notes, such as reminders of notes that are due or due, easy to make, no need to use paper, and no need to spend money because there are several making applications that can be used for free.

Apart from that, there are also similar functions between online notes and physical notes, namely being a reference document when you double-check business figures.

Apart from that, for buyers, the note will be proof of the purchase transaction after making a cash or credit transaction. So, the function or benefit of this online note can be a reference for you to start trying to make digital notes.

In fact, notes have quite an important function, both for the business owner and the buyer. The reason is, the note can be proof that a transaction has occurred between the two parties. Generally, the note is made directly after the transaction is agreed between the seller and the buyer. Because of this, now online note applications have emerged that can make your work easier. Some of the functions of notes are:

1. Goods and Services Records

The main function of the note is as a record of the type of goods or services that have been purchased by the consumer.

2. Shows Price Details

Notes can also show the price of goods from transaction activities that have been carried out so that the buying and selling process occurs more openly. That way, if it is discovered that there was an intentional miscalculation or not in the transaction, both parties can use the note as evidence.

3. Increase Trust

The level of consumer trust will be higher if the business provides a note as proof of payment. Consumers can also more easily obtain note details with the features contained in the online note application. That way, the managed business will have more customers than if it did not provide proof of payment.

The final function of the note is as data on transactions that have been carried out which will later be summarized in the financial books of a business. You could say, the final function of this note is the most important function of providing proof of payment when running a business, and with the online note application you can summarize financial notes more easily.

Therefore, for those who are already or are just planning to have a business, don't underestimate the function of the note as proof of payment and the benefits of the online note application. There are several examples of notes that are often used and need to be known, namely purchase notes, sales notes and cash notes.

After knowing the importance or benefits, now you also have to know tips on how to make online notes.

Tips for Making Online Notes

Tips for Making Online Notes

There are several tips for making online notes that can be additional for those of you who are just trying it or who already use it often in business.

1. Define Application

How to make an online note is not complicated, you just enter the existing template so you don't make a mistake. Because there are so many applications available, you might be confused about choosing one.

Determine the application that suits your type of business, budget and level of complexity because each application has a different level of complexity. Apart from that, you can also ask people who have started using certain applications.

2. Be thorough

Because of the ease of making it plus the availability of existing templates, you may not be careful in filling in the columns in the online note.

Double-check what you write before actually sending it to the buyer, because a little mistake can mean a lot.

3. Try

The final tip is to try. What this means is trying not just one application, but many applications so that you are sure and know the advantages and disadvantages of each application.

These are the methods, functions or benefits and tips for making online notes to make your business activities easier. After knowing a little about how to make an online note, its functions and tips in this article, you can use these things as a reference in choosing and making a sales note.


It is hoped that the information presented previously will make you understand the importance of making cash notes as payment documents in ongoing buying and selling transactions. With this payment document, it will be easy for the seller to check when making financial reports.

Meanwhile, for buyers, cash notes can be proof of a valid transaction. Talking about the components, there are several components in this payment document. These components include the company name, note number, and total price.

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