Latest Fuji Xerox Printer Price List + [Info Advantages and Benefits]

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In Asia, Fuji Xerox Printers have become very popular in recent years. Especially in the presence of the Fujixerox laserjet printer type, the laser printer made by Fuji Xerox seems to be the answer to the many needs for a printer that is not only sophisticated in terms of printing, but also easy, has a high print speed and is economical in terms of maintenance.

History and introduction of Fuji Xerox Printers

Before discussing the advantages and disadvantages of the Fuji Xerox Printer, it's a good idea to first explain what and who Fuji Xerox is so that all readers don't fail to understand. Fuji xerox is the name of a company that specializes in the production of copiers, printers and printing services which has branches in almost every country, including our beloved country United States.

The establishment of the Fuji Xerox company itself is the result of a joint venture between the American printing company Xerox and the Japanese photography company Fuji Photo Film Co. In addition to making hardware for printing, the Xerox company is also known as the pioneer of the world's first laser printer.

Advantages and advantages of Fuji Xerox Printers

Printers made by Fuji Xerox are here to offer innovative multifunction printing solutions with advanced printing features for greater flexibility and higher productivity. Fuji Xerox printers can print, copy, scan, as well as have the function of sending and receiving faxes and also printing in large quantities, making them suitable for business or commercial purposes.

Now, seeing the popularity of this printer, we want to know the choice needs for the many Fuji Xerox printers in Asia. is curious about how many models, types and specifications of printers are owned, from cheap price fujixerox printers to the most expensive ones that currently have a lot of sales on the market. discussion of the price list of fujixerox printers in the table below,

Fuji Xerox Printer Price List Table

Latest Fuji Xerox Printer Price List May 2022 +[Info Advantages and Benefits]

After knowing and reading the Fujixerox printer price list above, have you been able to determine which type is suitable? Or are you still not satisfied with reading some of the best-selling Fuji Xerox printer types that we added above? if you are still in doubt, let's also know some reviews, what are the advantages of the Fuji Xerox printer compared to other popular printer brands? Please see our review below.

Advantages of Fuji Xerox Printers

Advantages of Fuji Xerox Printers

a. Print Faster

The basic difference from printers lies in how fast they print. Fuji Xerox laser printers operate by placing the printed image as a whole on the sheet to be printed or printed, thus the printing process is much faster, while inkjet printers print millions of tiny pixels, line by line with ink.

As a result, the ink cartridges empty faster and need to be refilled more often. The heating of this Fuji Xerox printer is also much faster when compared to other brands, so it has lower energy consumption which will save your monthly electricity bill.

Inkjet printing and laser printing technologies are fundamentally different. Most inkjet printers, including manufacturers like HP, EPSON, and Canon, use what's called the "bubble-jet technique," in which the ink is first heated and then pressed through a pressure nozzle until it finally lands on the paper.

Particularly emphasized in this process are the Printheads, which sit directly inside the cartridge and are thus regularly updated upon replacement.

Unlike the cheaper laser printing processes used by manufacturers such as FUJI XEROX. Here, the printhead is usually firmly embedded in the device and the crystals are hurling the ink directly onto the paper under high pressure.

b. Print more

Besides being able to print faster, Fuji Xerox printers also have the advantage of being able to print more than other brand printers with the best print quality, this is because the printers and toners made by Fuji Xerox are produced with the highest standards in their class. Fujixerox printers use a very fine powder called toner.

At high temperatures, the powder is “shot” onto the paper using an efficient electrophotographic process so that the Fuji Xerox Printer is capable of printing between 30 and 50 pages per minute, much more than conventional inkjet printers, which can only print 20 pages per minute. In addition, the capacity of the cartridge tank on the Fuji Xerox Printer is also larger, which allows you to print documents in large quantities as well.

c. Minimal Maintenance

In terms of maintenance, the cost of maintaining a Fuji Xerox printer is about half the cost of an inkjet printer. Drying of the ink isn't a problem either, and it doesn't take weeks between prints. Fuji Xerox printers are able to clean themselves automatically, so users don't need to do cleaning like inkjet printers.

In addition, the Fuji Xerox printer is also safe from ink leaks, because the toner is in the form of a solid powder, unlike liquid ink which is prone to leaking and smearing on the cartridges and hoses.

c. Not noisy

One of the advantages of other Fuji Xerox printers is that it is not noisy or quieter when operating, this is because there are no printheads that have to be moved across the page.

This silent feature is very useful for those of you who often use the printer at night, because it will not disturb other people around your residence.

d. More consistent print quality

In terms of printouts, Fuji Xerox Printers produce sharper text and smoother, more robust prints. The quality of the text and images produced by the Fuji Xerox printer also does not change or is more consistent when compared to other brand printers, this is because the cartridges owned by the Fuji Xerox printer have very good quality so they can last longer.

In addition, toner made by Xerox is also made with advanced technology that is able to produce finer and uniform particles, this is what causes the consumption of toner made by Fuji Xerox 45% less than other brands of toner.

For document printing, the Fuji Xerox laser printer is a very ideal choice. The text is printed perfectly and in the highest quality, besides that the print or print is also more resistant to moisture.

e. Print documents directly from your smartphone

For those of you who own a smartphone, Fuji Xerox also provides the Fuji Xerox Print Utility application and the Fuji-Xerox printing and scanning software. Both printing and scanning applications can be downloaded for free both on the Apple App store and on the Play store.

With this application, Android and iPhone owners can freely print various types of documents on the smartphone, besides that you can also upload documents stored on the smartphone. you to the cloud service contained in the application.


With the many advantages of the Fuji Xerox printer that we have mentioned above, it is appropriate that the Fuji Xerox Printer is the main choice that you should consider if one day you plan to buy a printer, especially the price of the Fuji Xerox printer is also not too expensive when compared to the quality offered...

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