How to Resolve Printer Driver Is Unavailable on Windows 10

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How to solve Driver is Unavailable can be done using various methods. This is an error message that occurs due to several factors.

Before knowing how to solve the Printer Driver is Unavailable on the device you are using, it would be better to first look at the cause of this message. The following is a complete explanation.

Cause of Error: Printer Driver is Unavailable

How to Resolve Printer Driver Is Unavailable on Windows 10

Users often encounter the Printer Driver is Unavailable error. This message will be displayed in the device status. There are several things that can cause this problem.

Quoted from the Software Keep page, the cause of the Printer Driver is Unavailable error generally occurs due to a problem with the printer driver on the Windows device. Examples include the device's printer driver being missing or not installed correctly.

A printer driver that is damaged or incompatible with the system being used can cause error messages to appear on the printer device or computer.

Apart from that, printer drivers on computers that are not updated regularly and bugs in the Windows system are also causes of this error.

After knowing the cause of the Printer Driver is Unavailable error, Erzedka will also explain how to overcome this problem in the following explanation.

How to Overcome Printer Driver is Unavailable

Quoted from the Help Desk Geek page, how to resolve the printer driver is unavailable can be done using the following.

1. Reconnect the Printer

Printer problems can sometimes be solved by reconnecting it to the device. Remove the printer from the system, then disconnect it. Here are the steps.
  • Open the 'Control Panel' menu via the Start menu search bar.
  • Click ‘View Device and Printers’ under the Hardware and Sound menu’.
  • On the printer that is having problems, right click and select 'Remove Device'.
  • Confirm and select 'Yes' to disconnect.
  • Reconnect the printer according to its type.

2. Update Printer Drivers

Another alternative is to update the printer driver on the computer device.

How to Overcome Printer Driver is Unavailable by Update Driver

How to Overcome Printer Driver is Unavailable by Update Driver

Follow these steps to make it clearer:
  • Enter the Device Manager Menu: Enter the Device Manager menu by clicking the Start menu on the taskbar or tapping the Windows key on the keyboard. Enter ‘Device Manager’ in the search bar. Then select the option that appears.
  • Click Printer Queues Options: Once in the Device Manager menu, scroll the screen and click the 'Print Queues' option.
  • Update Drivers: Right click on the problematic printer and select the 'Update Driver' option. Then, click 'Search Automatically for Drivers' in the new window that appears.
  • Wait until the update is complete: Let the system install the latest driver. If successful, the screen will display information that the printer driver is installed properly.
  • Done: Click Close or the red x icon to exit the menu.

3. Update Windows System

Upgrading Windows can also fix problems with the device including the 'Printer Driver is Unavailable' error. Here's how to update the Windows 10 system that can be practiced:
  • Open the Settings menu by pressing the Windows + I keys simultaneously.
  • Select 'Update & Security' in the menu list that appears.
  • Click 'Windows Update' from the left menu display.
  • Tap the ‘Check for updates’ button on the right.
  • Install available updates.
  • Once finished, restart the device.
  • See whether the printer error can be resolved or not.

Those are three alternative ways to deal with printer driver is unavailable that you can try. Hopefully the information above is useful.

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