What is the NFC feature on a printer? and How to Print with an NFC Connection

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What is NFC? maybe for those of you who are just getting into the world of technology, especially printers, you will be quite confused by the terms contained in the specifications and facilities provided in a type and type of printer.

I was like that when I was still new and not much about the world of printers, the earliest printer terms are usually in the type of printer (such as Inkjet, Laserjet, Dotmatrix, etc.

As Erzedka.com will discuss this time about one of the connection facilities or better known as the connectivity owned by the printer, there is one new technology that is still quite rarely heard but has begun to be actively provided with the latest type, namely the connection with the NFC network, what is the explanation NFC connection on the printer? here is the explanation

NFC itself stands for Near Field Communication, this technology is still relatively new and is still not widely used in our country, but out there like in America and several other developed countries this technology is often used and linked to their products, one of which is Samsung and Blackberry brands.

This NFC technology was originally equipped on smartphones/cell phones in order to simplify data communication between devices that have an NFC chip, almost the same if you use Bluetooth, but the NFC applied distance is not more than 10M. data between one device and another, without the need to pair first, besides that many use NFC as a payment medium.

So in short, NFC is a new technology in data transfer based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology that uses wireless connectivity between electronic devices, the connectivity used is an intermediary for the induction of the magnetic field on the chip, so the distance used is only when close together.

Technically NFC facility in printer

What is the NFC feature on a printer? and How to Print with an NFC Connection

Well, that's the explanation for NFC connectivity in general, so if the NFC on the printer is of course similar, the difference is that the NFC Printing Facility will make it easier to send data from your device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) to the printer by sticking or bringing it closer.

This NFC can also access all the facilities available on the printer, such as Scan, Fax, Copy, and Print in an easy, fast and short way, so it's possible that the times are growing and the more smartphones with NFC equipment, the more NFC printers. .

How to use the NFC printing facility on the printer

So if your printer unit does have NFC technology already installed in it, you only need to install the application provided by the printer vendor (epson, brother, canon, fuji xerox, samsung) sometimes it will also be automatic, then choose the media file you want.

In print, then walk closer to the printer, then hold your smartphone device close to the NFC symbol on the printer for a few seconds, then a special printer application will open, after that you just print it.

Pretty simple isn't it? therefore many new printers of the upper middle class have implemented this. For those of you who are still confused about how, you can watch the video below

1. Video How to Print with NFC facility

2. NFC Facility on One type of Brother Printer

So with the continued development of NFC technology in the future, there is no need to bother printing files/documents that are on your smartphone. As well as the transfer of data & digital content both documents, videos, audio and images will be carried out here as well.

Hopefully this brief information from Erzedka.com regarding the meaning of using an NFC connection on this printer can help you, thank you and share it if it is useful.

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