How to Download Multiple Files at Once

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Almost all files on the internet can be downloaded, except for personal files such as files in cloud storage that are not shared with anyone or photos on social media whose albums are locked.

Common file types to download are PDF, EPUB and MOBI files commonly used for ebooks, audio files such as MP3 and WAV, videos downloaded from YouTube or other video sharing sites in MP4 or MKV format, EXE files which load installers for various types of software, as well as ZIP and RAR.

How to download files is not difficult. After clicking the link, the file will be directly downloaded and saved in the default folder. Each browser also provides the option to display the Save As dialog box before the download starts so that the user can rename the file and save the file to another folder.

Even though it's easy, sometimes it takes patience when downloading files. The reason is, the length of time it takes to download the file is not always the same. The determining factor is the size of the file itself, each user's internet connection, and the server that provided the file.

The larger the file size and the slower the internet connection, the longer the download will take. A problematic server can also cause download speeds to be much lower than usual.

How do you download multiple files at once?

Here's How To Download Multiple Files At Once Without Complicated

Files can be downloaded one by one, can also be downloaded many at once. Let's say there are 10 files that need to be downloaded, instead of doing it in turns, it's better to download all the files at the same time.

The number of files that you can download simultaneously is usually not limited. As long as the hard disk capacity is sufficient, you can download as many files as possible. Here are the steps on how to easily download multiple files at once.

  1. To be able to download many files at once, we can use an add-on or extension called DownThemAll which can be downloaded via This Link (Google Chrome users) and this link (Mozilla Firefox users). In this tutorial I use Google Chrome. Next you select Add to Chrome.
  2. After that you select Add extension to add the DownThemAll extension.
  3. Open the web page where you want to download the files in it. On this article page there are several download links for video editing applications for PC. I want to download those links at once. Just click the DownThemAll icon as indicated by the arrow.
  4. Then select DownThemAll.
  5. DownThemAll will grab the links on the page. Keep in mind, not all of these links are download links. You have to do a filter first, for example you want to download Windows applications automatically, the downloaded files usually have the .exe or .msi format (some cases there are also .zip or .rar).
  6. Therefore, in the Filter column, you select Software. You can also check which files you want to download. If so, you click the Download button.
  7. The files will be downloaded simultaneously as shown below. Why is there a red one? There are several cases where the download link is detected by IDM so that the file is downloaded using IDM and makes the progress status of the DownThemAll extension red. That's okay.


That's how to download multiple files at once with the help of an extension called DownThemAll. If you choose to download files one by one, then you have to repeat the download steps for each file. Click a link, wait until the download is complete, then click the next link, wait again, and so on. As a result, you may find it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand.

Another case if you choose to download many files at once. All files are added to the download list, then let them download until they are finished. Since all the files you want to download are already included from the start, you can concentrate fully on your work or leave your computer to sleep.

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