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Canon iP1500 is a printer that is quite an old model. This printer is the first version after IP1000, 1188, 1200 and 1300. So you could say it's a bit outdated now. But even so, there are still many who use this printer, the article is that the Canon iP1500 driver is also still often sought after by users.

Download the Latest Canon iP1500 Drivers Full
Canon iP1500

The Canon iP1500 printer is an old type of printer from Canon. But this printer is still a lot of fans. Download the Canon iP1500 driver to start printing documents.

The iP1500 printer is indeed famous for its printers that have fast and good printing capabilities. Moreover, the price is also quite cheap. So for those of you who want to have a printer but have a low budget, you can consider getting an iP1500 printer. You can find iP1500 printer products in the marketplace for less than 1 million.

Canon iP1500 Features

Canon Pixma iP1500 has a unique body shape and looks luxurious. Even so, this printer has a few drawbacks, such as not having a tray to hold the paper out of the printout. Print results are also less than satisfactory. Even so, there are still advantages to the Canon Pixma iP1500 as follows.

In the early days of sales, this printer offers a warranty of up to 1 year. The Canon IP 1500 printer has features such as fast printing. In addition, the body material of this printer is also thick enough so that it can reduce the potential for damage due to impact. 

So this printer is very suitable for office work and personal affairs in your home. After you get a Canon iP1500 printer and want to use it, please follow the guide and download the Canon iP1500 driver first.

Download Driver Canon iP1500

You can easily get the current Canon iP1500 driver from the official Canon Indonesia website. This Canon driver is very small, only 5.6 MB. You can install it on all types of Windows from Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 to Windows 11, both 32 / 64 bit.

This driver is also very easy to install or operate. Just follow the instructions provided, then you can immediately use it to print documents via the iP1500 printer. Please click the following link to Download the Canon iP1500 Driver.

How to Install Driver Canon iP1500

The process of installing the Canon iP1500 driver is quite easy, you also don't need an internet connection.

1. Open the Canon iP1500 printer driver
2. Find the driver file that you have saved in a certain folder. Double click and select run to start the installation process.
3. A new window will appear, click next to continue. Choose regional option where you from.
4. Click yes to agree to the License Agreement or the agreement to use the printer. If you click no, then the installation process will stop.
5. Connect the printer to the computer/laptop, turn on these two devices (printer and laptop) wait a while until your laptop responds to the printer. Click the complete button to complete the installation process.

How to Check that the Canon iP1500 Printer is already installed

After carrying out the installation process, it's a good idea to double-check whether the printer is properly connected to the laptop. If it appears, you can start using a Canon printer to print documents.
  • Click Start
  • Select Settings then click Device
  • Click on Printers & Scanners bagian
  • A list of connected printers & scanners will appear on the laptop
  • Make sure the Canon iP1500 printer is already in the list

Tips for Caring for Canon iP1500

Performing maintenance on the printer is very important. The reason is that the printer is very susceptible to dust ingress and can contribute to cartridge holes that make printouts less than optimal.

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