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The latest version 2.1 of “PCMark 10” offers several improvements which you can read about in the official change log. Our editorial team says: With PCMark 10 you can check the performance of your Windows PC, notebook or tablet for free.

PCMark 10 With PCMark, Finnish Futuremark Studios has been offering one of the most extensive benchmarks for PC systems for download for years. If you want to accurately measure the performance of your PC or notebook system, you need an independent benchmark test.

IT companies and editorial offices also use PCMark to provide comparable statements about the performance of hardware components PCMark 10 is designed so that you can benchmark as many different systems as possible. Be it a tablet, notebook, PC or ultrabook. In the three broad categories of Home, Creative and Office individual tests, you send your system through a custom test setup.

In home testing, typical PC requirements for normal users were tapped – for example Internet surfing, computer writing, computer games, video chat and photo editing. Media conversion is also factored into the creative test and only specific requirements are taken into account for work assignments, as this PC is not typically used for gaming.

Paid Advanced and Professional Edition users can also use the hard drive – and SSD tests, program tests and individually compiled tests can be used. The basic version can be downloaded for free. At the end of each process, you will receive a detailed list of your system's performance in various areas.

Finally, a famous score is calculated from the PCMark suite, with which many users can compare the performance of their systems online.

PCMark 10 software Help, and Tips on your PC Is your PC performing poorly or worrying about its security? Our conclusion about PCMark 10 PCMark 10 shows your PC's strengths and weaknesses based on well-designed tests. 


  • Licence: Demo
  • Op system: Windows
  • Publisher: Futuremark

The Latest PCMark 10 2.1.2526 Free Download

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