How to Download & Install Canon Printer Drivers

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Good evening loyal visitors to this time the Admin will share information from a request from one of the visitors who had trouble finding a canon printer driver on the internet, actually there are easy tricks and tips to find any brand printer driver on the internet if you know the official driver websites for all printer brands.

Remember! the official ones are not personal websites that were created with the aim of downloading printer driver links.

If you look at printer technicians or printer mechanics, they will be able to easily find drivers for all printer brands because they know the sources of the right providers, one of which is the official canon website which provides all drivers and help information for canon printer users at canon. 

While for epson printers at, but the focus of this discussion is will share the steps on how to download the driver in full with pictures so you don't get confused, read more below

How do I download printer drivers from the Internet?

8 Easy Ways to Download Canon Printer Drivers on the Internet

Maybe if you just write down the keywords "download the printer driver canon **** (your printer brand)) you will find several websites that are managed personally, there are indeed some that actually provide information about where to download the correct driver - and sometimes just looking for profit without providing the original link, so follow this method, your time will not be wasted.

  • Of course, here you must have an internet connection to download the printer driver.
  • Go to the official driver provider website.

official driver provider website

  • After the website is open you will get a display like the one below, Easy solution to download canon printer drivers on the internet.
  • After the website is open, you can click on the red box button, then choose your canon printer type an easy way to download canon printer drivers
  • After that you can enter "your printer series, then enter the model, then select Support & drivers" Tips for downloading printer drivers for all models
  • Then after that you select the version of the operating system that you are using, which is on the left (possibly on the windows operating system) many of the same drivers that can be used on several windows a complete set of canon printer drivers
  • Choose one / several available drivers, you can download the Canon printer driver in one package, or a unit, whether it's a driver for print, scan, copy, and fax
  • After you choose, you will see a screen like the image below, then press the Download button (the download process will be processed and send the file to your computer)

After you choose

Here are the steps in the image of the canon website above.

Inside the box is a button to download the driver
  1. The driver supports various operating systems on the list.
  2. Explanation of the driver.
  3. The system used for this printer includes.
  4. Driver file information you downloaded.
  5. Update information that has been done in this driver.

That's the way you can try to be able to easily download canon printer drivers on the internet, our best recommendation is to visit several websites that are trusted and you usually visit to download printer drivers so that there are no other risks such as downloading various applications, viruses, and various. Hopefully useful and don't forget to apply, thank you...

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