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How to Reset HP Deskjet 1515 Printer, Disadvantages and Pros!

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    HP printers are standard printers that are widely used and also pocket-friendly. Damage to the HP Deskjet 1515 printer is also easy to deal with. The HP Deskjet 1515 printer is a usable and usable printer, compatible with friends who use the printer ordered by the HP 1515 Desk.

    Before you choose to buy a printer to see your prints, you must include a small, medium or large class. Here's a full review of how to reset the HP Deskjet 1515 printer:

    How to Reset the HP Deskjet 1515 Printer 

    When you have determined the number of prints, friends, you just need to decide which printer is suitable for printing. from Canon, Epson and HP. Each has advantages and disadvantages. but this time we will not discuss the HP Deskjet 1515 printer.

    How to Reset HP Deskjet 1515 Printer, Disadvantages and Pros!
    How to Reset HP Deskjet 1515 Printer,
    Disadvantages and Pros!

    On this occasion, would like to share tips on how to fix a flickering HP Deskjet 1515 printer or how to solve it need to be reset.

    Guide to Resetting the HP Deskjet 1515 :
    1. Please turn on the printer
    2. Then hold down the power button and press the cancel button twice
    3. Please wait until the process is complete
    4. Keep turning off the printer and try turning on the printer
    5. If the above method is correct, the printer is usually ready to use again
    Newest Way To Reset HP Printer Printers:
    1. Please turn off your HP printer first
    2. Unplug the power cord from the power and let the Printer turn off for about 5 minutes
    3. Then restart the printer and check again if the printer wants errors!
    4. If the error is still there, you can open the printer to the printer in service mode, then the cartridge can be moved directly to the center
    5. Please remove the black or color cartridge from the housing head
    6. Unplug the USB power cable.
    7. Next, clean the cartridge and the connector and the bottom of the cartridge carefully and thoroughly with a soft cloth.
    8. If it is clean, reinstall the cartridge in its original place and install it properly.
    9. Close the printer cover and turn it on again. The printer returns to print mode.
    10. Mostly, after the above method is done, the HP printer will automatically perform cleaning and reset
    11. If my friend wants to refill the ink, then fill it but don't need much, while for content requirements don't overdo it 3ml in each color,

    The following is an easy way to reset the HP Deskjet 1515 along with the advantages and disadvantages of the HP Deskjet 1515 printer:

    Advantages of HP Deskjet 1515

    • The price is very cheap, which is around Rp. 600 thousand
    • In using convenience and uncomplicated
    • Use refill ink
    • Very easy to operate
    • Small body printer
    • Waste ink
    • Multifunction (Scan, Copy, Print)

    Disadvantages of HP Deskjet 1515

    • The process tends to be a bit slow
    • Sensitive printer cartridges so easily damaged
    • Not suitable for infusion or use

    That's the information about How to Reset the Hp Deskjet 1515 Printer that we can convey. Hopefully the above information can be useful and help my friend in solving existing problems.

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