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    Protect PC from viruses with free Antivirus from Microsoft. Yes, you you read that right, Microsoft who created Windows and Office has decided to offer its own antivirus program for free to help you protect your system from viruses, trojans and other malicious software.

    The name of the antivirus is Microsoft Security Essentials, and this antivirus is believed to provide perfect protection, even for those who are new to using PCs. If you want to know if your computer is protected, just look at the color of this antivirus icon. If the icon is green, then you are safe.

    The program is divided into several parts. Analysis, updates, history and configuration. New users can easily master the first and second parts with the help of the guide. History will provide a report of suspicious elements found during the analysis. You'll see the detected and quarantined elements, including the rest.

    The settings section makes it easy to set up scans, automatic tasks, change protection settings in real terms, add files and folders to the exclusion list, and change the advanced options of the antivirus. In this way, Microsoft Security Essentials will be the best choice if you are looking for an antivirus program that is free, lightweight, and reliable.


    • Licence: Free
    • Op system: Windows
    • Publisher: Microsoft

    Microsoft Security Essentials

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