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Crossword Wizard is a beautiful application that allows you to create crossword puzzles for your students very easily. You will be able to create standard crosswords (from a list of words) and dictionary crosswords (from a selected word range and number of letters or surnames). 
The program also comes with a large number of templates to use, but these are only available in the registered version. The program comes with many word lists divided by categories (fruits, family, bicycles, animals, etc.) that you can easily modify according to your preferences or needs.

You can also enter your own clues or get definitions from the built-in dictionary and place your crossword in any shape you want. The program allows you to add wallpapers. You can use those provided with the program or add your own. 
 All your puzzles can be saved and printed, and you can customize the title, write instructions, choose exactly what you want to print (hints, borders, solutions, footers) , etc.), select the location of the hints and add the suggested response. The app provides a very simple user interface that anyone can understand, especially if you are using templates.
All in all, if you are looking for a complete application to create interesting and challenging crossword puzzles for your students, then Crossword Wizard can be a good choice.

A must have crossword generator and our most popular program packed with new features!
  • New versions for MacOSX - Universal Binary, Intel, PPC, Windows XP+
  • New French localisation (Italian to come soon)
  • Most International character sets now catered for
  • All-new graphic interface for Macintosh and Windows with enhanced toolbar.
  • New word placement options to maximise word entry
  • GRAPHIC backdrops for your puzzle onscreen (they print in colour behind your puzzle)
  • No Peeky Crossword (no Blackouts, No Word Length
  • Built-in Dictionary to generate wordlists and clues
  • Unused words now saved out with puzzle
  • Manually place words, which makes it easy to create new branches
  • Colour Printout with control over all puzzle components
  • View current wordlist & unused wordlist onscreen all the time
  • Regenerate puzzle at any time to fit more words or use a different layout
  • Export puzzles to the clipboard, for importing into a desktop publishing program
  • Download Crossword Wizard for Mac Free for Mac

We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Crossword Wizard for Mac features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements.

Download Crossword Wizard for Mac


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