Digital Nomad Trend: Opportunities and Challenges for Businesses

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The digital nomad trend is growing in Indonesia, especially in the post-pandemic era. The term digital nomad refers to people who work online and flexibly, without being tied to one place or physical office. As technology becomes increasingly sophisticated, more and more people are choosing to become digital nomads as an alternative to conventional work.

What is a Digital Nomad?

Digital Nomad Trend: Opportunities and Challenges for Businesses
What is a Digital Nomad?

The term digital nomad is often associated with someone who can work remotely from anywhere while enjoying a holiday. But, what does digital nomad actually mean? Well, digital nomad is a term for someone who works freelance and flexibly by utilizing existing technology without being tied to place and time.

A digital nomad or in Indonesian means digital nomad, free to work at any time without having to worry about waking up late or having to work overtime until late at night. Apart from that, they are also not required to go to the office every day, because they can work from anywhere, such as the library, cafe, home, even at the beach.

So, because you can make money without having to stay in the office from morning to evening, it's not surprising, right, that digital nomadism is one of the professions that most of the younger generation dream of? The reason is, having freelance work like being an influencer and freelancer is really fun.

Pros and Cons of being a Digital Nomad

Eits, even though it looks exciting and fun, because you can be more independent in working on projects according to your interests, but just like other trends, quite a few people criticize this modern lifestyle, you know. So, before you dive into this profession, it's a good idea to find out about the pros and cons behind this trend first, Blibli Friends.

1. Pro Digital Nomad

Because you are not bound by time and place, you are free to work at any time. It's not uncommon for digital nomads to use their vacation time to work to enjoy themselves more. Apart from that, you also have control over managing your time, when to work and enjoy life while making money and saving.

Another advantage of being a digital nomad is that you are free to socialize and use your time to upgrade your skills, because you don't need to come to the office every day. So, there's no such thing as having to be stuck in traffic every time you go to and from work, because you can work from anywhere, including at home sweet home.

And the greatest thing about all of the above is, you can build wider connections. Not limited to the work environment, but from various areas where you live. Even if your abilities are proven to have reached pro level, it is not impossible that you can create relationships abroad.

2. Cons of Digital Nomad

Unfortunately, behind the positive things that the digital nomad trend offers, there are also negative sides that you should take into consideration before deciding to jump straight in. Firstly, there is no guarantee that you will get a steady income every month, because you are in control of what you want to do. So, it could be that at one time there is a big project, but at another time there are few orders.

In fact, working hours that are too flexible are not always pleasant, you know, Blibli Friends. Because it could be that when you should be resting, but instead you have to work because there are revisions or additional projects. Plus internet connections are limited in certain places, so work is delayed.

Not only that, another negative thing about digital nomads is that you may be required to move from place to place when there are problems. And this can also disturb your concentration and focus on completing work. Therefore, before deciding, you should consider all sides, OK?

How do I start living as a digital nomad?

In order to become a successful digital nomad, you need to face several challenges. Especially if you have just jumped in and started this profession. Don't let it happen that because there are no projects coming up, you become discouraged. Cultivate patience and give your greatest effort to become a digital nomad. Here are the tips:

1. Look for strong reasons that make you want to become a digital nomad

The main step in starting this profession is to find the reasons that encourage you to become a digital nomad. Because it will affect your future, don't resign from your current job to follow the trend in this profession. Find a compelling reason to take on this challenge. Is it because of convenience or because you want to increase your skills?

2. Explore your skills and potential

You also have to know what skills and potential you have so that you can carry out this profession as well as possible. Some skills that you can learn to be successful as a digital nomad are copywriting. Apart from that, you can also hone your skills in data analysis or graphic design. Don't be too hasty in deciding. Consider and prepare yourself as best as possible.

3. Arrange a Portfolio as Attractively as Possible

A portfolio is a guarantee for companies looking to find freelancers. A portfolio is a selling point for someone who wants to pursue the digital nomad profession. Not only is it a reference for whether you are accepted or not, your portfolio also determines how much your salary will be. So, make your portfolio as good as possible. To quickly get a project, include the work you have completed.

4. Take advantage of digital applications and tools

There are many media that you can use to promote your work as a digital nomad. And most companies offer remote jobs through these media. Create an account on a website or social media, then enter a CV that is as attractive as possible, so that you will be noticed by companies that need freelancers.

5. Set time for work and play

How do you become a successful digital nomad, without worrying about finances? The key is to be smart in dividing your time between work and play. It doesn't matter if you want to set foot to explore new places in the world, as long as you remember there is work that needs to be done. Make a detailed to do list to manage your time well.

Where is the most popular destination for digital nomads?

Where is the most popular destination for digital nomads?
Where do most digital nomads go?

Apart from that, as a digital nomad, someone also needs to manage finances wisely. Without a stable income from a conventional job, skills in managing expenses and generating consistent income are also required. Apart from that, digital nomads must also pay attention to health insurance and financial protection to protect themselves from financial risks.

However, the digital nomad trend in Indonesia is growing and attracting the interest of many people. This trend is becoming very attractive among millennials and generation Z. Many startups and companies are starting to open up opportunities to work flexibly, including working as digital nomads. Apart from that, the existence of various online platforms and applications also makes it easier for digital nomads to carry out their work.

In Indonesia, there are many places that are suitable as workplaces for digital nomads. Places such as cafes with fast WiFi, co-working spaces, and even villas or resorts that offer complete work facilities. Apart from that, the relatively cheap cost of living in Indonesia is also an attraction for digital nomads. Especially for those who come from countries with a higher cost of living.

In this case, the Indonesian government is also starting to recognize the potential of the digital nomad trend and is taking steps to support it. One of them is by launching the "Work from Bali" program since 2021. This program offers special visas for them to work from Bali for 6 months.

The digital nomad trend in Indonesia is growing and making a significant contribution to the tourism industry and economy in Indonesia. Digital nomads or remote workers who can work from anywhere by utilizing technology and the internet have become a global phenomenon in recent years.

Indonesia, as one of the countries with the largest number of internet users in the world and high tourism potential, offers great opportunities for digital nomads to work and vacation in the same place. Apart from that, the COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated the growth of the digital nomad trend in Indonesia because many companies have switched to remote work systems to maintain employee health and safety.

What ere Digital nomad opportunities and challenges?

However, being a digital nomad is not easy. There are various challenges that digital nomads must face. For example, technical problems, difficulties in managing time and productivity, and difficulties in maintaining a balance between personal and professional life. Therefore, in this article we will discuss digital nomad trends in Indonesia, the advantages and challenges of being a digital nomad, as well as tips for success in becoming a digital nomad.

The advantages of being a digital nomad include the freedom to work from anywhere and flexibility in managing your work schedule. Apart from that, they also have the opportunity to explore new places and interact with people from various cultures. In the Indonesian context, being a digital nomad can also enable someone to get to know and enjoy the natural beauty and cultural diversity of Indonesia.

However, being a digital nomad also has its own challenges. One of the biggest challenges is the difficulty in maintaining a balance between personal and professional life. Because they can work from anywhere and at any time, it is often difficult to determine the boundaries between work time and rest time. 

Apart from that, technical problems such as an unstable internet connection can also be an obstacle in carrying out work. Therefore, Deskimo is here to provide instant, commitment-free workplace solutions. Users can access locations anywhere with the Deskimo application.

How do you become a successful digital nomad?

To be successful as a digital nomad, there are several tips you can follow, including ensuring that your internet connection is stable and adequate. Digital nomads need to be clever in managing their work schedule well, maintaining a balance between personal and professional life. Technology and applications to increase productivity can also be used to help smooth work. 

Apart from that, they also need to pay attention to legal aspects such as visas and residence permits in the destination country.

With the growing trend of digital nomads in Indonesia, there are increasingly more opportunities and challenges that digital nomads must face. Therefore, there needs to be adequate support and regulation from the government and companies to ensure the success and sustainability of this trend.

Which country is the best for digital nomads?

Indonesia is starting to become one of the countries that supports the digital nomad trend. And Jimbaran is the fifth best place in the country for freelancers. Apart from Jimbaran in Bali, there are still several places that are considered the best countries for digital nomads, including those who are still newbies:

  • Norway
  • German
  • Greece
  • Panama
  • Costa Rica
  • Brazil
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Vietnamese
  • New Zealand


So, how about it, knowing the ins and outs of the digital nomad world makes you even more interested in pursuing this profession and moving to one of the countries above? Even though it looks exciting, make sure you prepare yourself as best as possible so you can be successful as a digital nomad.

Yes, it is indeed as fun as it is to be a digital nomad who travels from one interesting place to another while collecting money. Carrying out this profession is not always fun, you will definitely feel bored and fed up, especially when work is still quiet. So that you can stay enthusiastic, you can join the digital nomad community.

Nowadays there are many of these communities that you can find on various social media. You can start joining to get information and knowledge about this profession.

Joining a community can also increase your relationships. You really need lots of relationships to be successful in this profession. How do you become more interested in becoming a digital nomad?

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