Epson EcoTank L1250 Software & Drivers Download

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The Epson L1250 is an upgraded version of the previous version, the L1210. However, there are some parts that are modified with more sophisticated specifications. This printer has also been equipped with interesting features such as EcoTank.

This EcoTank from Epson is indeed an attraction in itself, isn't it? Epson claims that their technology is capable of more efficient use of ink according to user needs. No ink is wasted, but the print quality can also be produced very well and sharp.

Curious, right? Here are some reviews about the features and advantages that exist in this Epson L1250 series printer, see below.

Features of Epson L1250

The Epson L1250 is a printer that you can only use for printing documents and images, this printer is also equipped with the EcoTank feature that can save your ink usage when printing.

What's more, this printer makes it easier for you when refilling ink, because it is equipped with the Ink Tank feature, you only need to pour ink into the tank according to the color listed.

Well, for more details, here we have summarized some other interesting advantages of the Epson L1250, including:

1. Connection

You can connect the Epson L1250 using a USB cable that has been equipped with the Hi-Speed ​​USB 2.0 feature. However, you can also use a Wi-Fi connection that can connect the printer without using USB.

2. Print Speed

The Epson L1250 makes it easy for you to print at standard speeds, for printing using black ink you can print up to 10 ppm, and 5 ppm for printing using color ink.

3. High Resolution

You can use the Epson L1250 to print with high resolution, it is noted that this smart printer is capable of printing up to a resolution of 5760 x 1440 dots per inch. So, with this quality you can print with sharp quality.

4. Free-Heat Technology

The Epson L1250 has been equipped with features that can withstand excessive heat, this technology allows you to be able to print for a long time without fear of the machine getting hot.

Download Driver Epson L1250

Epson EcoTank L1250 Drivers Download
Epson EcoTank L1250

How to install a look below:
  1. Make sure that your printer is connected to a PC/Laptop via USB cable that has been provided by the printer;
  2. Insert the CD printer driver into ROM drive your PC/Laptop your, a computer usually will automatically run the driver CD said. If you do not have a printer driver CD, then you should download the link drivers that we provide below. Once finished downloading the link driver that we give, that double-click the driver file that has finished in the download, after it will show up the steps or stages to install. If you've finished passing such measures, means your printer can already be used, please try to print;
  3. If you use the printer driver CD will appear on the desktop screen which gives questions about where you live. When you have finished choose it, then click "Next", and will appear election the installation method; We recommend you click "Easy Install" especially for beginners. Because of this way very easily without the advanced settings;
  4. On the confirmation page. Click "Install";
  5. 3 step installation will be shown such as license, installation, and setup. Later you must click "Yes" and wait until the installation is ended/complete;
  6. If completed, mean your printer has been able to run its function, please try to print.


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