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NVIDIA GeForce Experience is an application that can be used to update the GeForce GTX graphics card driver and optimize the recommended settings to improve the gaming experience. If you are using an NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card, this is one of the applications you need to install. By using this application every time there is a driver update for the graphics card, you will be offered to install it without the hassle of checking it manually.

In addition, this application will also automatically scan your computer to optimize various settings so that users can play games comfortably. Interestingly, this application is also equipped with features that can record games and live streaming.

NVIDIA GeForce Experience Features

Here are some interesting features embedded in the Nvidia GeForce Experience application:

1. Gameplay recorder and live streaming available

For those of you who like to record gameplay on PC or live streaming on various platforms, you can also use this application. The reason is, this application is equipped with a gameplay recording feature and live streaming on YouTube, Twitch and Facebook.

By using this application you also don't have to worry about missing rare moments, because you can save the last 30 seconds of gameplay just by pressing a hotkey. In addition, this application is also equipped with the NVIDIA Highlights feature, this feature will automatically record important moments that occur during the game.

Best of all, you can also create 15-second GIF files from your favorite ShadowPlay videos. In addition, this application also allows users to record screens up to 4K.

2. Updating drivers

This application also automatically notifies you when a new driver is available, you can update it with just one click without the hassle of checking it manually.

3. NVIDIA Freestyle

This application is equipped with the NVIDIA Freestyle feature that allows you to apply various filters to get epic game images, such as HDR and so on.

4. Optimize game settings

The app uses cloud data to test thousands of hardware configurations to find the best performance and image quality during gameplay. After that this application will automatically configure graphics settings based on the GPU and CPU you are using.

In short, for NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphics card users who want to get the best gaming experience, the NVIDIA GeForce Experience application is one application that needs to be considered. Besides being able to optimize various settings to provide the best experience while playing games, this application is also equipped with gameplay recording and live streaming features.

Release Notes

  • Added support for WhisperMode 2.0.
  • Added Freestyle and Ansel support for 38 games.
  • Update security.
  • Fixed Shadowplay issue.
  • Fixed bugs and improved other features.

Download the Latest Nvidia GeForce Experience

  • Latest Version:
  • Publisher: NVIDIA Corporation
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Application Category: Utilities & Tools
  • License: Freeware
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