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PDF-XChange Viewer (64-Bit) permits users to look at Adobe compatible PDF files and perform further functionality. It options viewing, printing, exportation PDF' to varied image based mostly file sorts, page commenting and annotations, type directly on a PDF page, easy find, and advanced search. 

PDF Security support together with 40/128 bit RC4 and 128/256 bit AES coding parole and Permissions add and edit.

Some PDF reader software package opt to cut back the amount of features so as to induce the most loading speed possible, whereas others are equipped with variety of additional features however still don't neglect the speed factor. PDF-XChange Viewer belongs to the latter group.

PDF-XChange Viewer itself is liberated to use free as long as you don't distribute it for profit. For example, creating PDF-XChange Viewer as a bonus purchase for an ad product.

PDF-XChange Viewer Features

1. Convert PDF to Image

PDF-XChange Viewer can save PDF pages as images in BMP, DCX, TGA and other formats. You can choose which pages you want to convert to images. The page you are currently reading, each odd or even page, or the entire page. 

You can even select pages by number either sequentially or not. For example, page 1 to page 5, or page 6 and page 10. Furthermore you can also specify how all the pages should be converted by PDF-XChange Viewer. 

There are several options provided, namely combining all the pages into one image, combining each page range into a separate image (pages 1 – 5 into one image, pages 7 – 12 into one image), or converting each page into an image. separately (for example, a 230 page PDF will convert to 230 images) .

2. Lock PDF with Password

PDF-XChange Viewer provides encryption features with 128 bit and 256 bit AES technology. Besides being encrypted, documents can also be protected with a password. There are two types of passwords that you can choose from. 

The first is a password to lock the PDF document so that only users who know the password can open it. The second is a password to lock the document so that it cannot be copied, printed and edited.

The two features discussed above include free features. And another feature that's equally free is annotations which allows you to put various stamps, highlight important parts with a bold color or with circles, add arrows and lines and insert some small notes.

Download PDF-XChange Viewer

PDF-XChange Viewer also includes a shell extension in its installation file. Its function is to display the PDF cover as a thumbnail in File Explorer. That way each PDF file can be identified directly just by looking at the cover.

In conclusion, for those of you who want a PDF reader that is fast and lightweight but still has a number of good features, then PDF-XChange Viewer is the most suitable choice for your needs. Download the latest and free PDF-XChange Viewer via the link below:

Download PDF-XChange Viewer (64-Bit) for Windows

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