How to Check Print on Epson L-Series Without a Computer

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Checking printouts on Epson L-Series printers without a computer is the subject of discussion from this time, why are we taking this discussion? We often get questions when people want to buy a used printer, how do I check it? Right, sometimes a cod agreement to buy a printer brings a laptop without having the driver! Now this can be tricked by means of a self test print or a manual test print without using a computer.
The purpose of checking the printouts with this test print is that before we buy a printer, so that we know the printer is in good print condition or not, the printouts of each color are full and good, besides that in the printing process we can hear the sound and what printing process is. rough sound, etc.

Do you need to do a test print?

It's really necessary, this method can also be used when you are going to do printing and want to know in advance the quality of the printouts to have perfect color results (not broken") so they don't waste paper if the print results are bad.

Previously, all readers need to know, there are two ways to do this test print, namely through a computer device by printing a nozzle check via printer properties, and also manually by using the printer button located on the printer unit, this is without the help of a computer. !

Here we share information on how to test print manually without a computer on the Epson L-Series printer

How do I get my Epson printer to test print?

  • Position the printer in the Off state (if it is currently on, turn off the printer first)
  • When the printer is off, press and hold the resume button
  • Then while still pressing the resume button press the power button 1x while still pressing the resume button. This process will turn on the printer
  • Keep holding down the resume button for 5 seconds then release the resume button.

This method has been proven to be successful in checking test prints on many Epson L-Series printer models, you can also try using it on your Epson printer model.
Support For Epson Printers:
  • L1110/L3110/L3150/T11/C90/R230/T20/T13/L100/L110/L200/L300/L310/L355/L360/L365 and many other L-Series printer models

So that's the information that can share about how to do a test print on a manual Epson L-Series printer without a computer, hopefully it can help and be a reference for all readers when in the process of checking whether the ink is in good condition or the printout is problematic.

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