Top Artificial Intelligence Website Recommendations for You

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Artificial intelligence technology or known as Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made many changes in everyday life, and offers various solutions to simplify all forms of people's life needs.

Artificial intelligence systems use machine learning algorithms to analyze user behavior and adapt to their preferences. This technology allows consumers to get an experience that is more tailored to specific user preferences. Let's look at the following article regarding 5 Artificial Intelligence Websites to Boost Work Productivity..

What are some best AI websites?

Top 5 Artificial Intelligence Website Recommendations for You

For those of you who want to try AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, you can explore the following AI websites:

1. GPT chatbots

ChatGPT is software that uses transformer technology to predict the probability of the next sentence or word in a conversation or text command.

The chatbot produced by OpenAI is deliberately designed to be able to answer questions, create content, and so on. In fact, you can also ask ChatGPT any question and it won't take long for ChatGPT to provide a specific answer to your question.


The artificial intelligence technology on allows you to produce songs based on the mood, genre and duration you specify. You can use to create music for games, apps, NFT Store soundtracks, and other types of content.

3. is a tool for creating content automatically using artificial intelligence. This tool helps you to write high quality content such as blogs, emails, social media content, sales pages, product descriptions, or other promotional materials.

4. Revoicer

Do you want to easily create corporate videos without recording sound? Of course you can do it with Revoicer, the first AI voice application that can display human emotions that are similar to real ones.

Revoicer has elements that make voices sound natural and has all the kinds of expressions and tonal inflections needed to be heard by other people involved in your content! What's even more interesting is that this website will produce human-sounding voice overs in more than 30 languages.

5. Dall-E

Similar to ChatGPT, Dall-E is also produced by OpenAI which is deliberately designed to be able to create images that resemble the original based only on input from the user in the form of written descriptions.

OpenAI introduced Dall-E for the first time in January 2021. A year later, in July 2022, OpenAI opened beta access for Dall-E 2 to the wider community. Of course, this latest version of Dall-E is more sophisticated than the previous version. Because it can create images with a higher resolution than the first version.

DALL-E 2 is also able to create realistic drawings and paintings just by typing the desired words. After that, DALL-E 2 will display relevant images according to what we type. 

For example, when we type a sentence like this "Realistic image of luxury house scene with sofa, cupboard, bookcase, television and table. The walls of the house are blue with a striped pattern.”  So, after that a picture will appear with a room in the house where there is a sofa, cupboard, bookshelf, television and table. And it has blue walls with a striped design. 

6. Synthesis

For those of you who want to create video content without having professional talent or feel less confident about your own appearance, there's no need to worry.

Synthesia can help you create videos that look as if there are real people appearing in front of the camera. Synthesia's advantage is that it provides 125 avatars from various ethnicities around the world. And for voice over, Synthesia offers 120 languages that can be used on avatar models.

You only need to choose an avatar and language according to your individual preferences. Even though the "figures" displayed were created using artificial intelligence, all their movements and appearances appear completely like those of real humans.

Apart from YouTube video content, the Synthesia platform can also be used for presentations in work and educational environments.

7. Google AI Experiment

This platform provides access to a variety of interesting interactive experiments utilizing artificial intelligence technology. You can play with images, sounds, and even interact with the machines.

8. Grammarly

For those who work as writers or have a hobby of writing, Grammarly can be an option to improve the quality of their writing. Grammarly is an artificial intelligence-based writing assistant that provides feedback on writing style, including grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

What's interesting is that everyone can access and use Grammarly features for free. If you need more complete features, there is an option to upgrade to the premium version via subscription. The premium version provides features like plagiarism detection, sentence modifier, and word recommendation.

Another advantage of this platform is its good integration with various writing applications, such as MS Word or email.

9. ManyChat

ManyChat is a platform that provides chatbots services specifically for Facebook Messenger, designed for marketing and customer service purposes.

The advantage of this website, apart from OpenAI, is its ease of use and chatbot function setup system which can be completed in 2 minutes without requiring programming skills.

Other excellent features are the ability to send broadcast messages to audiences and integrate all data into popular CRM platforms. These two features will certainly make it easier, especially for workers in the customer service sector, to store customer data efficiently.

10. Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion is an artificial intelligence-based image website developed by StabilityAI, originating from LMU Munich research and launched on August 31, 2022. The main advantage of this platform lies in its ability to produce detailed images based on description text commands provided by the user.

After the description is entered, artificial intelligence technology will process the sentence and create an image through the stages of inpainting, outpainting, and producing an image according to the instructions given.

This website has the advantage of creating paintings with a high artistic level, as if created by human hands. This platform is very useful for artists and art students who are working on special projects, such as creating magazines, social media content, and others.


The last recommended artificial intelligence-based image website is, which can help you create attractive and aesthetic presentation designs in a matter of minutes. The interface of this website is very user-friendly, so anyone can master all the features available on this platform.

The elements provided are also quite complete, including automatic slide layout, real-time collaboration, and a library of templates and icons that can be used to enhance the aesthetic aspect.

With the support of artificial intelligence technology, this platform can customize presentation designs according to your company's brand identity, including colors, fonts, logos, and more. Not only that, this automated website also provides collaboration features, allowing you and your team to create presentations simultaneously.

In short, this platform not only makes it easier for workers to complete their tasks, but also benefits students in completing their tasks more easily. 


Technology has advanced rapidly, and the most important thing is AI. Artificial Intelligence can do anything from creating simple images based on your instructions to creating an attractive and perfectly functional website.

There is no best AI website builder in 2024; it all depends on your needs. However, we recommend that you use Wix and some other platforms to build your website. These are some recommendations for AI websites that can lighten your daily work load.

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