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Drag racing games - are a pleasure for some game lovers. There are many motor drag race games that present the sensation of a real drag motorcycle race. Drag race is a racing game that uses a motorbike as a racing vehicle. Players can of course choose a motor vehicle that will be used for the race.

Some games even provide a variety of player characters and motorbike models that vary in the game. Here are some recommendations for interesting drag motorbike racing games to play.

Recommendations for the Best Motor Drag Race Game

Recommendations for the Best Motor Drag Race Game

1. Indonesian Drag Bike Racing

Indonesian Drag Bike Racing

One of the most famous domestic drag motorbike racing games is Indonesia Drag Bike Racing. This game carries the concept of racing for a drag racing motorbike that has been widely reviewed by game lovers.

This game made by an Indonesian developer is also not inferior to other racing games. Players can play the game for motor drag races. There are many motorcycle models that are presented in this game.

A very popular drag racing motorbike model in Indonesia is in this racing game. The racing motorcycle models that can be used include Mio Drag Race, Harley Davidson Drag Race, Mio Drag, Drag RR RR, and 1949 TR5 Classic.


2. Real Bike Racing

Real Bike Racing

Real Bike Racing is one of the most downloaded drag games on the Play Store. Presents many cool features and motorcycle models. Players can try racing using a 200HP motorbike to feel the excitement of this game.
The features presented include fully functional rearview mirrors and 10 unique types of superbike wheels. Presents games with true-to-life 3D visuals and eye-catching lighting effects.

This game can be played in VR mode which supports Google Cardboard. In addition to feeling the excitement of racing, players can also try to participate in motorcycle racing championships with other players.


3. Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag

Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag

One of the best motorcycle drag racing games for android is Top Bike: Racing & Moto Drag. Presenting racing games as usual but with cooler graphic visuals.

Although this game has a fairly large size, it doesn't disappoint because the graphics and sound effects are really solid. Players can feel the race with the roar of the sound of the motor which of course increases the adrenaline.

In addition to racing, players can also complete 71 missions in this game. Players can upgrade to modify their own racing bikes.


4. Moto Drag Racing Free

Moto Drag Racing Free

Moto Drag Racing Free is one of the most interesting drag racing games to play. Offers simple features for easy-to-use players. However, the graphics offered by this game are no less good than other racing games.

Players can try the thrill of racing on drag motorbikes such as the Suzuki V-Strom 100 ABS Adventure, Ducati Streetfighter 848, and Yamaha V-Max. During the game, some cool cars can be seen such as Ferrari, BMW, and Lamborghini.

Players can also take part in motor drag racing competitions. Ride the motorbike of choice to get to the final level in the drag races that follow.

5. Extreme Motorbike Jump 3D

Extreme Motorbike Jump 3D

One of the recommendations for an interesting drag motorbike racing game is Extreme Motorbike Jump 3D. This game carries the concept of racing on busy streets like other drag racing games.

But for this one game, the focus is more on racing actions than racing speed. This drag motorbike racing game has been downloaded by more than 10 million users.


6. Drag King

Drag King game

Drag King is one of the best Android drag motorbike racing games. It is proven by the number of game downloads that reach tens of thousands of users.

You can get this game for free because it can be downloaded through the PlayStore. However, to upgrade equipment or buy motorcycle items, users have to spend money. Players can choose interesting characters that are presented in this drag motorbike racing game.


7. Drag Bike Racers

Drag Bike Racers game

One of the drag motorcycle racing games with simple features is Drag Bike Racers. Simple game controls will be easier to use including for beginners. Attractive graphics with cool animations are presented in this one game. There are many choices of motorbikes that can be used for racing.

Players can choose the model, color, and toughness of the motorbike they want to use. Furthermore, players can immediately follow the race with the vehicle that has been selected. What's more interesting is that this game presents levels for challenging missions for players.


Those are some of the best drag race motorbike games with a variety of interesting features. Players can use online and offline features for more exciting races. Don't forget to upgrade the vehicle to make it easier to conquer the mission and every challenge that exists.

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