Tutorial How to Use Cheat Engine on PC Games (Plants vs Zombies)

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Tutorial How to Use Cheat Engine on PC Games (Plants vs Zombies)

Online games and offline games are now increasingly favored by small children to adults. Especially in online games, because online games provide a level of satisfaction and have increasingly challenging levels and challenges.

So that it will make users more happy to play the game. Online games that are currently very popular among users are like mobile legend, free fire, pubg and others. Not only online games, offline games are also one of the things that are often played when someone is feeling bored. 

Although the challenges provided are not like online games, offline games can reduce our stress levels so that we become relaxed when playing them. Offline games that are very popular with game users today are Plants vs zombies, candy crush, onet, and so on.

How to Use Cheat Engine on PC Games (Plants vs Zombies)

Offline games are an option for users because they do not require internet quota when playing them. And usually offline games don't use up too much of your phone's memory like online games. If you play online games, then you have to prepare a fairly large cellphone RAM. This is so that your cellphone does not lag when playing the game.

Some games also have a cheat engine that can be used to make it easier for game players to pass the challenges. Examples of game hangs using cheat engines that are often used are like in the GTA game, point blank and even in the Plants vs Zombies game.

Here is a tutorial on how to use the cheat engine in the PC game Plants vs Zombies.

  1. The first step is to open the Plants vs Zombies application, but don't enter the adventure arena first. Open the Plants vs Zombies cheat engine application which you can download at the following link. Click the monitor screen icon and a process list window will appear. Choose the Plants vs Zombies app. Then click OK.
  2. Well, after that you are allowed to start the adventure. Here we will cheat on the sun function, so that the sun is always a lot. If you have entered the adventure arena, then the next step is to click the monitor screen icon again. And when the Process list window reappears, click the Processes menu. In the processes menu, select PlantsVsZombie.exe. After that click Open.
  3. Then in the Hex column type 50. After that click the First Scan button.
  4. Play the game once and then pause again. After that, in the Cheat Engine application, type 25 in the Hex column and click the Next Scan menu.
  5. Look on the left side of the Address tab. Double click on the unique code and look at the description column at the bottom. Click on the small box in the Active column, so a cross will appear in the box.
  6. In the Value column, double-click on number 25. After that, the Change Value window will appear, change the value to 9999. Then click OK.
  7. Now the number of suns in your Plants vs Zombies game has changed to 9999. You can use them however you like. Because the sun will not decrease in number.

That's the article that explains how to use the cheat engine in the Plants vs Zombies game. Hopefully with this game you can easily play games on your PC. And you can use the Cheat engine for some games you want to play.
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