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Download The Latest mHotspot Free

mHotspot is a free application that you can use to turn your Windows laptop or PC into a virtual WiFi router. This application can be a solution for computer users who do not have a router device. By using this application you can share internet access from one internet source connected to a computer or laptop to other devices including cellphones without having to use a physical router device.

This way, of course, you don't need to buy internet quota separately because you can use the same internet connection that your computer uses.

Advantages of mHotspot

Actually there are many applications that you can use to create a virtual WiFi hotspot on a Windows PC, this application is one that is quite popular. The number of users who prefer to use this application is certainly not without reason, here are some of the advantages of mHotspot that you need to know:

1. Can be used completely for free

One of the reasons many people prefer to use this application is that it is free. All the features embedded in this application you can use completely without costing a penny.

2. WiFi hotspot can accommodate up to 10 devices

A WiFi hotspot that is successfully created using this application can accommodate up to 10 devices including computers, laptops, cellphones or other devices.

3. Set the hotspot name and password as desired

So that the WiFi hotspot that you have created is not used by others without permission, you can customize the hotspot name and password as desired. By applying the WPA2 PSK password to the created WiFi hotspot, other people who don't know the hotspot password will not be able to use it.

4. Supports various types of internet connection

This application supports various types of internet connections used by computers or laptops that want to be used as virtual WiFi routers including LAN, Ethernet, 3G/4G, WiFi and so on.

5. Displays the connected device information

To make it easier for users to monitor, this application will also display fairly complete information about connected devices. The app will display your name, IP address, Mac address, upload and download speed, transfer speed and so on.

In short, if you want to share the internet connection that you use on your computer or laptop so that it can also be used on other devices such as phones and tablets, then mHotspot is the right app for you.

If you are not satisfied with the features embedded in this application, you can use Baidu WiFi Hotspot as an alternative which is equipped with more features including the feature to transfer files over a wireless network.

Download the Latest mHotspot

The Latest mHotspot

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