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Download SpeedyFox Free

SpeedyFox is a software to speed up the performance of Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Pale Moon, SRWare Iron browsers with just one click! currently also compatible with various applications such as Skype and Mozilla Thunderbird.

Mozilla Firefox is the best and (perhaps) fastest feature-rich internet browser out there, but as time goes on, this one will start to slow down noticeably. It takes a lot of time to load at first startup, browsing History and overall speed will continue to drop. This is a very common problem and mostly occurs due to database fragmentation.

Speedyfox system works almost the same as the defragmenter on the windows system which works to organize and rearrange the files on the storage hard disk so that it can improve computer/laptop performance.

As long as we use the Firefox browser, during that time Firefox will also store the database and also the settings that we make so that the data is increasingly piling up and this is what makes Firefox's performance progressively decline.

Some of the browsers above are the fastest and most stable browsers, but the frequent use of them for browsing and surfing causes the application to slow down. This is a common thing because with frequent use of browsing, it will cause database fragmentation.

Firefox (and add-ons) uses a SQLite database to store many of its settings. As the database grows bloated and Firefox starts to slow down, SpeedyFox will streamline their database without losing any data.

Once installed, SpeedyFox will automatically detect your default Firefox profile. If you have more than one profile, you can select the one you want to optimize from the drop down menu. For the portable version of Firefox, select the profile manually by selecting the “Custom” profile. All you have to do is press the “Speed ​​Up My Firefox!” button.

By using this latest Speedyfox database fragmentation problem can be quickly solved with just one click, it does seem hard to believe but once you use this tool you will feel the new nuance and speed of the application you are using.

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