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Netcut - is one of the software commonly used by network administrators to manage internet networks. However, it is undeniable that many people abuse this application, starting from disconnecting other people's internet connections, and so on.

If you often use a WiFi connection to surf the internet and have experienced the internet connection suddenly being disconnected for no reason, it could be that your internet connection is being interrupted by someone using the Netcut application.

Especially if you use free WiFi in public places, usually this application is often used to disconnect people's devices connected to the free WiFi, so that people who use Netcut get better internet speeds. No need to have special skills to disconnect other people, because by using Netcut you can do it easily. This application will later work by flooding the switch using fake MAC addresses so that the packets are mapped incorrectly and the victim will not get the internet connection flow.

Netcut Function

Actually, Netcut can not only be used to disconnect someone's internet network, but there are many other advantages that you can get for network management needs, including:

1. View connected devices

Using Netcut, you can find out all the devices connected to a network. If the internet feels slow, of course, you can check the connected device quickly. Even if there is an intruder who uses the internet network without permission, you can also cut off the internet connection used by that person.

2. Find MAC Address

If you need information about the MAC Address of a device for a specific purpose, you can also use Netcut as a solution. Using this application, you can find out and track all MAC Addresses that have ever connected to your network. So even if the device is not connected to the network, you can still find out the MAC address of the device.

3. Turning off someone's internet

This is usually one of the activities commonly used by ignorant people who use Netcut. Yep, using this application you can turn off or turn on someone's internet who is connected to an internet or WiFi network.

But actually this feature can also be used for good purposes, for example if you are a parent then you can use this feature to turn off devices used by children at night so they can sleep faster.

4. Controlling bandwidth usage

If you frequently share your network using smartphone hotspots, this feature will be useful for saving quota. Because by using this feature you can kick people who use too much bandwidth, or you can also kick users who use your network without permission.

5. Protect your PC from ARP Spoofing attacks

Not only can you use Netcut to attack, you can also use Netcut to defend against ARP Spoofing attacks. This application will automatically detect spoofing packets and prevent these attacks.

If someone wants to attack via ARP Spoofing method, they can stop internet flow, modify traffic, and intercept your network data. But by using Netcut, you don't have to worry about this method, just activate "Protect My PC" then your PC will be automatically protected.

In short, Netcut is an application that can help network administrators in managing networks. Interested in using it? Make sure you use this application for a good purpose and do not harm others.

Download the Latest Netcut

  • Latest Version: 3.0.180
  • Publisher: Arcai
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Application Category: Development & IT
  • License: Freeware

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