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HxD - is a free hex editor application that allows you to edit raw disks, modify RAM, and handle various file types of various sizes. The application that runs on the Windows operating system also opens 4 GB files.

This application developed by Mael Horz comes with a simple interface but has a variety of interesting features that can make it easier for developers, such as find and replace features, checksums, byte pattern insertion, file joiners and separators, statistics, and so on.

Not only that, this application is also present like any other text editor where it focuses on simple and task-oriented operations, the functions are simplified to hide things that are purely technical in nature. Interestingly, Drive and memory can also be edited in the same way as regular files, you can even undo the actions you have taken through the undo feature.

Advantages of HxD Hex Editor

1. Portable and installer versions available

HxD provides two versions of the application, namely a portable version that you can use directly without installing it first, and a version that must be installed first.

2. RAM-Editor

You can use it to edit main memory or RAM and memory sections marked with data-folds.

3. Disk-Editor

With HxD, you can also read and write various disks including hard disks, usb flash drives, CDs, floppy disks, and so on.

4. Light and fast

HxD can open files quickly up to 8EB, besides that every action you do in HxD can also be executed quickly.

5. Find & Replace

This feature can help you when you want to find or replace data, whether it's unicode data, hex-values, integers, and so on. Not only looking forward, you can also use this feature by searching backwards.

6. Checksum-Generator

Not just a hex editor, HxD is also equipped with checksum generator features, such as CRC, SHA-1, SHA-512, MD5, and so on.

7. Export data to several formats

HxD also has a feature to export data into several formats, such as Pascal, C, Java, C# HTML, Intel Hex, HTML, and so on.

8. Basic data analysis (statistics)

This application which is packaged with a fairly modern interface can also graphically represent the distribution of bytes or characters, besides that it can also identify the data type you choose.

9. Bytes grouping

You can group bytes starting from 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 bytes into one column. 10. Undo feature available: No need to worry about making mistakes, because HxD provides an unlimited undo feature that can undo the actions you have taken.

In short, HxD is the right hex editor for those of you who are looking for a free but full-featured hex editor. In fact, HxD also has some interesting features apart from those reviewed above, including the choice of hex only and text only modes, printing, and so on.

Change Note
  • Update the application interface.
  • Support signed hexadecimal number in data inspector.
  • The integer type in the datainspector supports the + sign.
  • Improved relative and absolute offset error messages.
  • Fixed the datainspector plugin.
  • Fixed bugs and improved other features.

Download the Latest HxD Hex Editor

  • Latest Version:
  • Publisher: Mael Horz
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Application Category: Development & IT
  • License: Freeware

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