Tutorial How to Create 2 Users in Windows 10 for Beginners

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Tutorial How to Create 2 Users in Windows 10 for Beginners

PC or laptop users usually only create one main account. They rarely create a secondary account, even though creating a secondary account or a second account can provide security or privacy for files or data on a PC or laptop.

Using only one account on a PC or laptop can reduce the security of your data. Especially if your PC or laptop is often borrowed by friends or is often used by many people. Therefore, creating a second account or secondary account can provide more security for your data so as not to be disturbed by friends, relatives, or other people.

How to Create 2 Users in Windows 10

Currently creating 2 users on Windows 10 is very easy. Therefore, it is recommended that you use 2 separate users on Windows 10 because the methods are guaranteed not to be complicated. Here are two ways to create 2 users on Windows 10 very easily. Just follow the steps below.

1. Via Control Panel

The first way to create 2 users in Windows 10 is to use the control panel. Just take a look at the steps below.
  • Please go to search and type Control Panel. If it appears, please click Control Panel.
  • Then, in the User Accounts section, please just click Change Account Type.
  • Then, there will appear one user that you are currently using. To add another user, please click Add A New User in PC Settings.
  • Then, you will be taken to the Family & Other Users section. In the Other Users section, please click Add someone else to this PC..
  • Then, if the user to be added has an email account, please enter your email or phone in the space provided. But if you don't have it, please just click I don't have this person's sign-in information.
  • Then, please click Add a user without a Microsoft Account, so that you no longer need to register to create an account. As in the image below.
  • Then, you will fill in the data for the second user of your PC. Please fill in the Username and Password you want. Then, click Next.
  • Then, please create a question and answer to provide security for your second user account. Then, click Next.
  • And done. Your second PC user has already been created.

2. Via Settings

The next way to create two users in Windows 10 is through settings or settings. Actually, the method is the same as the first method, just look at the steps below.
  • Please open the settings or settings in your Windows. The trick is to click on the Windows icon in your lower left corner.
  • Then, let yourself click the settings icon / settings.
  • Then, please click Accounts.
  • Then, please select Family & Other Users.
  • Well, then you just click Add Someone Else to This PC.
  • Then, please follow the next step like the first method.

So this article discusses how to create 2 users on Windows 10 very easily. Please choose the method that suits you and you want. Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for you. Thank you...

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