2 Ways to Download Autocad for Free on a Laptop, Guaranteed Safe

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2 Ways to Download Autocad for Free on a Laptop, Guaranteed Safe

What is AutoCAD? AutoCAD is a software in the form of CAD (Computer Aided Design) which is used to design 2D and 3D objects such as house/building designs.

For those of you who are students of architecture or civil engineering, you are certainly familiar with this one application. How come? You certainly need it for lecture activities.

The good news is that there is an AutoCAD application available in a free version. That way, you don't have to pay and can save even more. How to download legal but free AutoCAD? Let's see the explanation below.

1. Download AutoCAD Free Trial (Public)

Below are the steps to download AutoCAD for free and also legally for the public.

1. Open the AutoDesk website page Here.
2. Then, on that page, click FREE TRIALS. In addition, you can directly open the FREE TRIALS link Here.
3. On the Free Trials page, search for AUTOCAD as indicated by the red box in the image. Then, click the AUTOCAD.
4. In the AutoCAD free trial window, select the AutoCAD option and then click the Next button.
5. Next, click the Next button.
6. So that you can get access to free AutoCAD trial without having to be a student or teacher. Select the 'A business user' option in I will be using this software as and for the language, you can choose your preferred language such as English. Then, click the Next button.
7. After that, you are directed to log in to your Autodesk account. If you don't have an account yet, please create a new account by clicking the CREATE ACCOUNT link.
8. Now, create your new account by filling in the registration fields as shown below. Then, click the CREATE ACCOUNT button.
9. Finally, your new account has been successfully created. Please click the Done button.


10. Enter your company information (if any), otherwise you can fill in None. Next, click the BEGIN DOWNLOAD button to start downloading the AutoCAD application.
11. Next, the Your download has started window will appear. When this window appears, the AutoCAD application is in the process of being downloaded. Please close this window and wait a moment until the download is complete.
12. AutoCAD application has been downloaded successfully.

2. Download AutoCAD Free Trial (Students and Teachers)

Following below are the steps to download AutoCAD for free and also legal for students and teachers.

  1. Open the AUTODESK EDUCATION link Here.
  2. Click the GET STARTED button.
  3. If you are a new user, then fill in the fields for Country, Education role, Institution Type, and Date of Birth as shown in the picture. Then, click the Next button.
  4. But, if you already have an account then just click the SIGN IN link.
  5. Next, create your new account by filling in the available fields. Don't forget to check the box I agree….. Then, click the CREATE ACCOUNT button.
  6. Next, you need to verify your account via email.
  7. Open your registered email in AutoDesk. In the email from AutoDesk, click the Verify Email button.
  8. After that, check the Thank you ….. box and click the Done button.
  9. Usually, you are asked once again to fill in the Get education benefits. Click the NEXT button.
  10. Next, fill out the Just one more step form and then click the NEXT button.
  11. Finally, your account can access the Autodesk education community. Click Continue.
  12. On the Autodesk page that appears, scroll down until you find AutoCAD products. Click Get Started.
  13. To confirm that the information you have entered is correct, please fill in the form in the image and then click the CONFIRM button.
  14. After that, then you can download the AutoCAD application for free and legally.
  15. Later, to download AutoCAD, you only need to click the Download Now button.

Well, that's 2 ways to download the AutoCAD application legally and for free. Hopefully the discussion that has been described above is useful. Thank you for visiting Erzedka.com

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