Here's How to Easily Install Composer on Windows, Let's Listen!

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Here's How to Easily Install Composer on Windows, Let's Listen!

Composer is a dependency manager tool in PHP. Dependency itself is defined if the programming language project you are working on still requires a library that is taken from outside. Well, this is where the role of composer is used, composer can be a liaison of your PHP project with libraries that you take from outside.

Dependency manager you can also use to retrieve or create a library for a PHP project that you are working on on a library collection page such as This page is a site that has provided various libraries that you can use to develop your PHP program.
With the help of the dependency manager tools, you can connect to the page and you can upload or download a library from there.

How to Install Composer on Windows

To be able to enjoy the Composer service, you must first install the composer application. That way, you can retrieve or create a library.

Another benefit of this composer is that you can make PHP coding more structured when you use the Model View Controller concept, the packages you need when creating a PHP project will be automatically installed and updated without you having to manually install them again and many other benefits. you can get using this Composer application.
In this article I will explain how to install composer on Windows 10. Here are ways to install composer on Windows.

  1. In order to install the Composer application, you must first download the application. You can download the composer application file on the official composer page. You can click here to download it. When finished downloading the composer application, double-click on the composer setup program that you downloaded earlier.
  2. Then the Select Setup Install Mode window will appear. To install the composer program, you will be asked to choose between two modes. Click on the Install for all users (recommended) button.
  3. Next you will be asked to select the type of installation. Here you can choose Developer Mode or not. You can check the developer mode if you want to use this type of installation. In this tutorial I did not choose developer mode. Therefore click the Next button.
  4. Then you must provide a location for the php.exe file which you will later use in the Command line or PHP CLI. The php.exe file will generally be located in the PHP folder. And if you are currently using the XAMPP program, the location of the file is C:\xampp\php. So you must first make sure to choose the installation location of the composer at the location C:\xampp\php\php.exe. If the location is appropriate, then click the Next button. And don't forget to check Add this PHP to your path?.
  5. Then wait a while until the checking process is complete.
  6. Next you will be asked to provide a proxy URL address, if you do not need it then click the Next button.
  7. Then check the installation location, if it is as it should and is correct, then click the Install button to start installing it.
  8. Then click Next.
  9. Now, the Composer application has been successfully installed. Click Finish to finish it.
  10. To check whether composer has been successfully installed, then open a Command Prompt and type the composer command. Then it will look like in the image below.

Composer application
Thus the article that explains how to install composer on Windows. Hopefully this article can help you in developing your PHP program for the better.

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