How to Solve Error 5b00 Canon G2000 and iP2770

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How to Solve Error 5b00 Canon G2000 and iP2770

Overcoming Error 5b00 Canon – A normal and functioning printer is certainly something that everyone hopes for after they turn on the printer, but sometimes there are problems that suddenly appear and cause the printer to not print as if the printer prints normally.

Now on this occasion, wants to review one of the questions from website visitors, namely the 5b00 error problem on the Canon printer, and it turns out that after we tried to check the 5b00 printer problem, this also happened in several types of Canon printers, such as the Canon G-2000 and IP 2770.

Currently, of course, with the development of the era, the tools for printing are also developing. Where we all know that in our society there are many types of printing equipment or printers that are sold. As for examples, such as from various printer brands, Canon, HP, Epson, and many other types of printers.

Of course here we will definitely feel happy when we are printing the results of our work all going well. But often times we don't expect a lot of things to happen when we're printing our work. And it seems that this does not only happen to one type of printer brand. But apparently also happens a lot in all brands and types of printers.

Some problems cause the printer can't print

Maybe for people who have never used a printer, they will feel a little curious and want to know what are the problems with the printer. Curious right? Let's read and also see with our explanation below:
  • Printing speed is too long.
  • Dotted printer ink color.
  • A warning appears that the ink runs out even though it is still fully charged.
  • The use of ink tends to be wasteful and much more.

Maybe for ordinary people who don't really understand the use of printers, they will panic when they experience something like this. Especially if when the printer is needed when this problem occurs it is very urgent. it must make people panic.

One form of interference with the printer is error 5b00. The form of interference is common in canon. But unfortunately here not everyone understands what is meant by error 5b00. Maybe here for ordinary people will feel curious about what is error 5b00 and why. And to answer that curiosity, therefore below we will provide information for all of you.

What does error 5b00 mean?

Error 5b00 is an irregularity in the printer caused by the ink absorber and pad waste that accumulates a lot. Due to this accumulation, it causes delays in various printing processes. In fact, sometimes this also causes processes that have stalled or are severely stuck.

How to fix error 5b00

Of course here, for ordinary people who don't really understand the world of printers or people who are using Canon printers for the first time, they will definitely feel a little confused when experiencing something like that.

So, to answer your curiosity below, we will provide useful information for you on how to solve error 5b00. Curious right? Let's read the explanation below

The guide on how to solve the 5b00 error has disappeared

  1. In the off state then enter the Canon printer in the Service Mode position. The trick is to press and hold the power button, then simultaneously by pressing the power button.
  2. Then press the resume button as much as 5 times. Then you need to open the printer casing, then press the power button.
  3. After that check the power LED light and the resume button
  4. If all the lights are on then the printer is in "Service Mode" Canon printer resetter download.
  5. After downloading, run the canon service tool.
  6. Then insert 2 sheets of paper to find out how the reset process.
  7. Then print with eeprom status before the reset process then press ok.
  8. Then in the check ink box click play then press the set button and the printer reset process takes place.
  9. During the reset process, the light will turn on when finished, the light will turn off.

During the reset process

So, that was the information that we could share with you all about how to solve the Canon printer error 5b00. Hopefully this information can be useful and useful for all of you. Thank you..!!

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