7 Ways to Use CCleaner on Windows Super Complete

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7 Ways to Use CCleaner on Windows Super Complete

Today, technology is growing extraordinarily sophisticated. Given this, the computer storage space is also getting bigger. No wonder users can save a lot of files, install a lot of applications, do a lot of work, and so on. Well, it can't be separated from the garbage files that accumulate, whether it's temporary files or not.

One way to overcome this is to use the CCleaner application. What is the use of the CCleaner application? The usefulness of the CCleaner application is to clean junk files on the computer.
Although the features that are owned are not only as cleaners, but the garbage cleaning feature in this application is a fairly popular application. The main features contained in this CCleaner application are cleaning, then cleaning the registry, uninstalling applications, turning off the auto-start ptogram, system restorer, drive sweeper, and others.

This article will explain how to use CCleaner on Windows. Come on, see the following reviews.

7 Complete Ways to Use CCleaner on Windows

CCleaner is the number one application in cleaning your PC or laptop. That way, a computer that is running slowly can be overcome with this application. The CCleaner application is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8.1, and 10. In addition, the CCleaner application can run on both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of computers.

The CCleaner application consists of two versions, namely CCleaner Free aka free and CCleaner Professional aka paid version. On this occasion, I used the free version of the CCleaner application 5.51.6939 (64-bit) and used the Windows 10 operating system.

Here's how to use CCleaner on Windows. Follow the steps below.


  • Download the CCleaner application on the official CCleaner website, namely: www.ccleaner.com > then click Free Download for the free version of CCleaner.
  • Then, please select the Download button in the CCleaner Free section.
  • Then select CCleaner.com to start the download.
  • After the application is downloaded, please install the application as usual. Double-click on the downloaded file (.exe).
  • After that click install > then just follow the steps to install CCleaner to completion.


  • After the application is installed, please open the application by clicking start or search on the taskbar > then type CCleaner > then click the CCleaner desktop app.
  • Below is the initial appearance of CCleaner.


Before doing the cleaning stage, uninstalling apps, and more, it's a good idea to first configure the CCleaner configuration on your computer.
  • Select the Options menu > then select Settings > then please configure the basic settings to control how CCleaner works.
  • You can select the language you want > the three basic powers of CCleaner > set how CCleaner safe wipe > and sweep free drive space.


At this stage, you can delete temporary files that are contained in the Windows operating system or applications.
  • Select the Cleaner menu > then select the Windows tab > please select or check which parts you want to delete.
  • Then select the Applications tab > please select or check which part you want to delete.
  • If you have finished selecting which files you want to delete, please click Analyze to see the details of the files to be deleted.
  • When finished analyzing, please select Run CCleaner to start deleting temporary files.
  • Then a confirmation dialog will appear, please click Continue.
  • Wait until the cleaning process is complete with the words Cleaning Completed as shown in the image below.


Besides being able to clean temporary files, CCleaner can also delete the Windows registry on every computer. This registry usually stores basic information related to every configuration that we make to the operating system or applications.
  • Select the Registry menu > then click Scan for Problems.
  • Wait for the problem scan process to complete, then click Fix selected problems.
  • Then a confirmation dialog will appear > then click Yes if you want to save the registry backup file before it is deleted (if the error removal process is done, then there is still a back up file).
  • Select a storage location > fill in the file name > click Save.
  • You can choose to fix some problems or all problems. Please click Fix Problems or Fix All Problems.


As explained earlier, this application can not only clean junk files on the computer but can uninstall and repair applications.
  • Select the Tools menu > then select the Uninstall menu.
  • Then select the application > then please select the action you want to apply to the application, namely uninstall, repair, rename, or delete the application.


In addition to the above features, CCleaner can also set which programs you want to run automatically when the computer starts. In this case, the user can enable auto-start and disable auto-start.
  • Select the Tools menu >> select the Startup menu >> then select Windows.
  • Next, please select the program >> then please select the action/action you want to apply to the application, namely activate, deactivate, and delete.

CCleaner is an application that is said to be an all-in-one application. How not, an application that is known as a computer cleaner that is felt to run at a low speed. By using this application, these computer problems can be overcome.

With the many features provided by CCleaner, making this application a must-have application for every computer user. So many articles using CCleaner on Windows. Hopefully this article useful for you. Keep visiting Erzedka.com to get interesting and latest information.

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