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Download the Latest SARDU (Free Download)

Have you ever installed an operating system via a flash drive? In the past maybe you have installed Windows XP or Windows 7 via CD/DVD. Before carrying out the installation process, you need to burn it on storage media such as the disc by using certain software.

Installing via CD/DVD has its drawbacks. One of them is the installation process which tends to be long. Then people switched to using the flash as a medium to install the Windows operating system.

With a flash, the installation process becomes faster. You don't have to wait long as it only lasts about 15 minutes. Just like using a CD/DVD, using a flash drive also requires special software. But do you think to include two operating systems in one flash? Generally we only use one flash for one operating system. Even though we can also enter two OS on one flash.

Of course, to do this, your flash drive has sufficient storage capacity. So use a flash that has a large capacity that is indeed able to accommodate two OS. Then you have to use software to make your flash drive multi-boot.

SARDU Features and Benefits

One of the best software that you can use is SARDU. This is a software that is able to make the flash has a multi boot function. SARDU itself stands for Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility.

You can install more than one operating system. Say you want to include Windows and Linux OS. Then you use SARDU to do just that. This one bootable software has become the choice because it has an easy interface.

Everyone who tried to use SARDU had no trouble using the software. In addition, you can also use it for free because SARDU includes freeware. By using it, you just need a few steps to enter more than one operating system on your flash.

Some of the features that you can find in SARDU
  1. ARDU supports you to make the flash drive has more than one operating system that is ready for you to install on your computer or laptop
  2. There is a menu that can be used to check the condition of the RAM to find out whether an error has occurred or not.
  3. SARDU has a simple interface that makes it easier for users.
  4. The light file size makes SARDU not require a computer or laptop with high specifications.

Download the Latest SARDU

This is information about SARDU. You can download it for free. Get the experience of using a simple but fully featured software. Choose which OS you will use. Download the latest and free SARDU via the link below:

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