Download XBoot For Windows 7, 8, 10 32-bit/ 64-bit

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Download the Latest XBoot For Windows 7, 8, 10 32-bit/ 64-bit (Free Download)

Technology has developed, there are many computers and laptops that no longer have a CD/DVD Room. This is because to install an operating system it is no longer necessary to use a CD / DVD. You can use a flash that was previously made bootable.

In contrast to ten years ago where the use of CD / DVD is still necessary to install the OS. In addition to installing via flash, you can also install via other external storage media such as hard drives. But have you ever tried to put two operating systems on one flash drive?

This method is known as multi boot. Usually people use one flash for one operating system. But here you can put more than the OS on the flash. Of course, before trying this method you have to make sure your flash drive has sufficient storage capacity.

Features and Benefits of XBoot

After that you need software that is able to run the function to create multi boot on a flash or external hard drive. One of the software that we recommend is XBoot. Many have tried to use it and indeed the ability of this software does not disappoint.

A software that supports you to create multiple boot with an easy and fast process. Here you don't need a lot of processes or steps to give you a hard time. Just by drag and drop then you can make multi boot.

The process is also quite short. So it is not surprising that many users prefer XBoot over using other software. What's more, this software is free so you can use the various features available at no cost.

What are the features in XBoot? Here are some of the features that you can find in the bootable tool software.
  1. XBoot supports you to create multiple boot on flash or external hard drive
  2. A software that comes with a simple interface. So this will make it easier for anyone who wants to operate the software
  3. XBoot has a small file size so that it functions as a lightweight bootable tool. Does not require a high-spec device to be able to use it smoothly

Download the Latest XBoot

Thus information about the XBoot software. In addition, before you install it, make sure the computer or laptop you are using already supports Netframework 4.0. No less important, the data on the flash you should move.

This is to prevent when the data in it is deleted, you still have the data that you have backed up. Download the latest and free XBoot via the link below: 

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