Easy Ways to Overcome the Epson Paperjam Printer (100% Working)

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Easy Ways to Overcome the Epson Paperjam Printer (100% Working)

Epson Tank Paperjam Printer – Epson is known as a manufacturer of photo printing printers that are very popular in the market. Various models of Epson printers are capable of producing good quality photo prints that incorporate the colors that come out of the inkjet cartridges. Each model has a specific function that provides print quality for various print options. 

Epson printers use inkjet cartridges that contain high-quality ink for high-quality prints as well. Epson printer types consist of basic Stylus printers, Color Stylus, and Stylus Photo.

Even though the quality is very good, sometimes, Epson printers have problems. One of them, the Epson printer shows a paper jam or paper jam indicator so the printer does not continue printing. After checking, it turns out that there are no paper jams or snags. If you are sure that there is not a single piece of paper jammed in the printer, try these steps on how to solve the following Epson tank paperjam printer:

* First and foremost, it must be done before going to how to solve the Epson printer error cannot print because paperjam is to first take the paper that is involved from the back (slowly, don't be rough) then clean the paper / dirt that may be left on the inside of the printer by looking at it more closely if it is necessary to open an additional cover.

Ways - How to Overcome the Epson Paperjam Printer

1. Unplug the printer by unplugging the power cord when the printer is “ON” and leave it unplugged for 30 minutes.

2. Reconnect the power cord to the printer.

Sometimes, these steps can reset the printer displaying a “paperjam” error. Sometimes something gets stuck inside the printer which might prevent the printer from printing the document and might block the path of the sensor along the paper path somewhere where the user cannot see it.

How to Overcome the Epson Paperjam Printer

Meanwhile, to fix a paper jam on an Epson Printer, the steps that must be taken are as follows:

  • Remove the Toner cartridge (if any) and then slowly and carefully rock the printer upside down
  • Try removing all the cartridges from the Epson Inkjet printer and reinstalling them one by one.
  • Now, move the carriage or cartridge stuck to the left and then bring it back to its usual position. You can repeat this step 5-6 times.
  • Repositioning the encoder strip from the printhead carriage (it may sometimes slide out of place and activate the sensor which shows a continuous paper jam error message).
  • Make sure that the paper input tray is not too full.
  • Make sure the paper is not clamped too tightly in the paper tray.
  • Prepare a sheet of heavy paper such as glossy paper and when the printer is turned off, gently slide the paper through the paper path on the Epson printer. This way you will be able to reset the paper switch and it will help you push things stuck in paper paths that might be preventing the printer from printing.
  • If the Epson printer still shows the Paper jam error message, this indicates a hardware failure such as a faulty paper sensor or jammed paper jam and you are trying to force it out of the printer.
  • Check that the sensor moves freely, make sure that it is in the correct position and if you find no fault, take the printer to a local repair shop for repair. Usually, in most of the cases this happens due to a dirty or jammed sensor.
  • Look inside the printer through the paper path to see if the sensor arm is jammed. The paper sensor is usually located near the paper feed and where the paper exits from the printer. The paper must pass through the sensor smoothly as it moves through its path. 
  • If a piece of paper (even a small sheet of paper) or pins or external objects gets stuck inside the printer, it may be blocking the sheet of paper from moving through the desired path and a false paper jam error message appears on the printer. .

The best way to deal with the Epson paperjam printer is to manually run the print with a thick sheet of paper (maximum according to the printer, guys.. ) through the paper tray path to check if the paper moves freely and make sure there is nothing stuck in it that might prevent the paper from moving into the direction usually moves.

After performing all these steps, if your Epson printer still gives a “Paper Jam” error message, the cause of the error is a faulty sensor strip and you only have the option of taking the printer to a repair center to have it repaired.

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