Epson l210 Printer Error Ink Light and Paper Flashing

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The ink and paper lights flash alternately. Not a few people who have this type of inkjet printer have experienced quite a troublesome problem.

When using the Epson L210 printer to print, suddenly the ink and paper lights continue to flash alternately. The result is, of course, that this printer does not want to print at all. And the work becomes piled up due to error problems on this printer.

If this is your first time experiencing this unpleasant thing, don't rush to call a printer service technician. Because there will definitely be big costs that should not have happened.

Because there are some tricks that you can do yourself so that the paper lights don't flash alternately again, here's a little bit of sharing the review.

How to solve the Epson L210 printer, the ink and paper lights flash alternately

solve the Epson L210 printer

If you are experiencing this and the indicator keeps flashing, it means that an error has occurred and you should do the following things.

1. The first thing you have to do is turn off the printer either from the power button or from the power jack. Because if you just turn off the power button without unplugging the socket, the error will usually still occur when the printer is on again.

2. And if the indicator still keeps blinking, it means you can't use this printer to print. So make sure to turn off the power button and unplug the socket so that there is no electricity at all.

3. Wait a few moments until the printer is completely turned off, and after that plug the power cable back in but don't immediately press the on button.

4. Allow a few moments after the power cable is plugged back in, the printer is still off. In a state that the printer is still not on, press and hold the stop button.

5. While still holding down the stop button then press the power button and hold it for more than 10 seconds. Wait for the printer to turn on again with the green light on.

6. Only then can you release the stop button and see the results! If successful, the red light is no longer visible.

7. So that the printer has returned to normal and you can immediately use it to print again. But so that this does not happen again, then know the reasons so that in the future you can always print smoothly.

Some Causes of Blinking Ink and Paper Lights on the epson l210 Printer

Epson l210 Printer Error Ink Light and Paper Flashing

1. Paper quality problems and paperjam

If the ink light and paper light flash on this epson printer, then there must be a problem and as a user you should know what it means. Sometimes the meaning of the ink light and paper light flashing alternately is that there has been an error in the internal device that has a problem.

But this can actually happen because there are other causes of errors that have occurred before. Usually because the paper is stuck which causes an error when the printing process is running. The occurrence of paper jams or jams may be due to the poor quality of the paper itself.

2. Folded paper problem

Look carefully at the paper you want to print on whether there are small creases or not. Because small folds or wrinkled paper can cause paper jam. This recurring paper jam event in the long term can cause damage to the printer device itself.

So to avoid damage to printer components, you should always use paper of good quality.

In addition to the paper quality criteria that are still good, pay attention to when loading the paper into the printer so that it does not fold.

Tidy the stack of paper first before the printer pulls the stack of paper one by one. Or if you want to be even more secure, then enter the paper one by one manually so that more than one paper is not withdrawn which can cause paper jam.

Before the printer is used again, it's a good idea to clean the inside first so that dust and other debris don't cause jams on the paper.

The paper light and the power light flashing together can also indicate a paper jam while the printing process is running. And if you just restart the power button without unplugging the power cable then the error usually continues to be Paper light and ink light flashing alternately. The solution, as we discussed earlier, is to restart until the power cable is unplugged.

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