How to Reset Printer Canon PIXMA iP2770

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The Canon Pixma iP2770 printer is a printer that is widely used by people because this printer is one of the biggest favorite printers of people. The price is cheap, the quality is quite good and it's simple, it's no wonder it is used by various people from homes, students, industry, agents or offices or for small businesses.

The Canon Pixma iP2770 / iP2700 or any other canon printer brand is specially made to do the initial preparation after several uses. For these early printers, canon is not accessible to everyone, maybe for the printer service center. 

How to Reset Printer Canon PIXMA iP2770
How to Reset Printer Canon PIXMA iP2770

However, if you want to try to reset your Canon printer yourself, here we present a tutorial on How to Reset a Canon iP2770 Printer that you can do safely:

Below are some changes to the iP2700 printer indicator light that has changed:
  • The printer lights orange seven times (7 x) the analysis: There may be a color cartridge malfunction.
  • Then the printer light increased by 5 times (5 x) the analysis: there are two possibilities of damage that occurs between the black and color cartridges.
  • Furthermore, the light turns on on the cannon iP2770 printer 8 times (8 x) the analysis: The ink tank can no longer be stored or is full.
  • While the light that lights up on this type of printer is up to 14 to 15 times (15 x), the analysis is that this one color/black cartridge is damaged.
  • The printer light blinks 4 times orange, friends, your printer asks to be reset using the program so that it can be normal again, it is treated with the Canon iP2770 Printer Error 5200 Waste ink Tank Absorber Full.

1. First Tutorial

  • If the printer is on (on), then turn off the printer first, but don't plug in the attached power cable.
  • Press the RESUME button for about 2 seconds
  • Then press the POWER button until the green light is on (when the POWER button is activated, don't release the RESUME button yet)
  • Slowly release the RESUME button but don't release the POWER button
  • While still adding the POWER button, press the RESUME button 5 times. The LED will light up alternately orange and green with the last light being orange.
  • After that release the second button at the same time
  • The LED will flash briefly after that it will turn green
  • The computer or laptop will change the new device, just ignore it
  • Use this to show the canon iP2770 printer is in SERVICE MODE and ready to be reset.

2. Second Tutorial

After my friend did the first step above in sequence and correctly without errors, then the next step that must be done is to reset the canon iP2770 printer using the canon ip2770 resetter software.
  • Download the canon iP2770 resetter software first, (CANON_IP2770_RESETTER)
  • Delete the software resetter you have downloaded buddy
  • Prepare 2 sheets of paper in the printer, this is for the printing process when the printer receives the Canon IP2770.
  • Run the Canon IP 2770 Printer Resetter Application software
  • Click the "MAIN" button, usually after you click the "MAIN" button the printer will process, and then the printer will print one page with the words "D = 000.0"
  • Then click the “EEPROM Clear” button.

  • After that click the "EEPROM" button, in this process the printer will print the results from the Resetter iP2770, and one of the lines that results from the printing process is the words: "TPAGE (TTL = 00000)".

  • After that turn off the printer and turn it back on
  • Done.

A few tutorials on How to Reset a Canon IP2770 Printer, hopefully it can be useful for friends who are fixing problems as suggested above. Keep visiting and look forward to other interesting articles. Thank you for visiting.

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