Here's How to Easily Encrypt Files or Folders in Windows 10

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Here's How to Easily Encrypt Files or Folders in Windows 10

Have you ever encrypted your computer? If so, what do you usually encrypt? In Windows, we will usually do encryption on a storage partition such as a hard disk. To encrypt the storage partition, you can use the Bitlocker feature.

Then what if we want to encrypt a folder or file? Of course we can't use the Bitlocker feature like it will encrypt the partition. Don't worry, because you can encrypt folders and files using EFS or the abbreviation for Encrypting File System.

Where EFS is an encryption that is on the NTFS file system. The following is how to encrypt an existing file or folder in Windows 10.

If a file or folder is encrypted using EFS or the Encrypting File System, only certain people can open the file or folder. Therefore, never divulge the password that has been set when encrypting this NTFS system.

To perform this encryption, you also don't need to worry about incoming viruses, because this method is very proven to be safe. Because it does not use third party applications. So that it will avoid all threats that can eliminate the files or folders that you protect. Here are the steps for encrypting files and folders in Windows 10.

1. Open the file directory where the file or folder you want to encrypt is located

If so, then next you have to right-click on the file or folder. Then a menu will appear that you can choose from. Click the Properties menu. Here I will encrypt one of the folders on my computer.

2. Then the Properties window will appear

Click the General menu located at the top. And then in the General menu, look at the Attributes section and click the Advanced button.

3. Then the Advance Attributes window will appear

In that window, look at the Compress od Encrypt attributes section. Put a check mark on the Encrypt contents to secure data option. Then click the OK button. You will be returned to the properties window. Then click the OK button.

4. If you encrypt a folder, a Confirm Attribute Changes window will appear

In that window, the system will give you two options to encrypt your data. The first option, you can apply encryption to the folder only or apply it to files in the folder.

Well, here I want to encrypt the folder only, not for the files in the folder. So I chose the Apply changes to this folder only option. If you want to encrypt the folder and its contents, then select the Apply changes to this folder subfolders and files option. Then click the OK button.

5. Then the steps to encrypt files and folders have been completed.

If you have completed the steps above, you will see the icon of the folder or file that has an icon with a picture of a lock. Well, that means your files or folders are well encrypted.

Thus the article on how to encrypt files or folders in Windows 10. Hopefully this article can be useful for you and can be a solution so that the data or files on your computer are safely controlled.

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