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Tips for Knowing Good Printer Ink

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    A printer is an electronic device that acts as a document printing tool and is now a must-have item. To support the performance of the printer engine so that it can function properly, printer ink is needed. In selecting the ink, it must be in accordance with the type of printer used so as not to damage the condition of the printer itself. 

    Here are some Tips for Knowing Good Printer Ink and tips on How to Fill Printer Ink Correctly:

    Tips for Knowing Good Printer Ink
    Tips for Knowing Good Printer Ink

    1. Pay attention to the brand

    Although it looks trivial, these tips are proven because there are many printer ink with well-known brands that will be the choice of many users. For example, the Epson and Canon brands are selling very well in the market.

    2. Price

    Do not be easily tempted by cheap ink prices because it can be fatal to the printer used. Printer ink price levels are offered at varying prices, therefore choose ink at a reasonable price and in accordance with the ink brand so that it is not too expensive and also too cheap.

    3. Choose a Trusted Seller

    In determining whether or not the print results can be influenced by the type of ink that enters the printer machine. Therefore, make sure to choose the best ink or you can also ask the printer ink seller to ask for the ink that suits your printer machine.

    How to Fill Printer Ink Correctly

    Understand how to fill printer ink correctly because if there is an error when filling ink it will affect the durability and performance of the printer engine. Here are the steps:
    1. Prepare refill ink, a needle to punch holes in the printer cartridge, and a cloth to clean the cartridge when you are finished filling the printer.
    2. Turn on the printer and wait until the indicator light is completely unblinking
    3. Open the case cover.
    4. Remove the cartridge by pressing down slowly.
    5. Use a needle that matches the size of the cartridge and start injecting the ink slowly.
    6. When it is half filled, stop and press the cartridge back into the printer and close the casing.
    7. The printer can be used again.

    Thus Tips for Knowing Good Printer Ink and also tips on How to Fill Printer Ink Correctly. Try one of the methods above and make sure to do it slowly and carefully so as not to damage the other components of the printer. Hopefully the above information can be helpful for readers.

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