Here's How to Install Python on Windows for Beginners, Let's Listen!

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Here's How to Install Python on Windows for Beginners, Let's Listen!

Are you a programmer? Or are you looking for a programming language that you want to learn more about? Then one of the most popular programming languages ​​lately, such as Python, you can try to learn.

Python is a multipurpose interpretatid programming language that uses a design philosophy that focuses on the readability of its code. Python has also combined capabilities, capabilities, code syntax and functions for high-quality libraries.
You can learn Python programming language easily because it has a structure and syntax that is more understandable than other programming languages.

How to Install Python on Windows

Python is also a very simple programming language. Compared to Java and C++ programming languages, Python programming language is more suitable to be learned for beginners because it has a simple structure and also uses grammar like we talk to computers.
Here are the steps for installing Python on Windows 10.

  • The first step that must be done is that we have to download the Python installer on the official website. Click Here to enter the official Python website. After that click the Download Python 3.9.1 button. Currently the latest version of Python is 3.9.1.

Python is 3.9.1.

  • If the python installer has been downloaded, double-click on the Python installer.
  • Then the Warning window will appear. Click the Run button to run the program.
  • Then click the Install Now button to install the Python 3.9.1 application.
  • Then you have to wait for the Python application installation process to complete.
  • If the installation process is complete and successful, click the Close button to close the Python application installation.
  • Next is to open idle Python by searching for Idle Python in the Windows search engine. Double-click on the Idle Python app program.
  • Then the Idle Shell editor will appear as shown below. Here we will try to create a sample Python program. The trick is to click the File menu on the toolbar. After that click the New File menu to create a new file.
  • Type the print command (“Erzedka”). Then the output to be displayed will print the word Erzedka.
  • After that click the File menu. And in the File menu, click the Save menu to save the python file.

the python file

  • Name the file in the example python program. Here I will give the name Try for the python program file. Then click the Save button.
  • Run the python program by double-clicking on the python program file. Try it. Then the resulting output will be appear.

Python programming language is also now widely used by various companies for their information technology purposes. So you can easily find a job with Python programming skills.

Python has features such as object-oriented structures, can create new modules developed with the python programming language as well as the python language has many facilities that we can use, so the process is fast and precise.

With the Python programming language, you can create desktop or GUI programs, CLI programs, game programs, smartphone application programs and even web programs. Now Python is also used to create hacking programs.

Thus the article that explains how to install python on Windows. Hopefully this article can be useful for you...!!!

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