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How to SCAN on the EPSON L3150 PRINTER, Easy and Fast, Guaranteed Success!

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    How to SCAN on the EPSON L3150 PRINTER, Easy and Fast, Guaranteed Success!

    Guide on how to do a scan on the Epson L3150 – in this article we want to help all of you who are still confused about how to scan a printer. In this discussion, will share knowledge about using the scan feature using the Epson ink tank series multifunction printer, the EPSON L3150 Printer.

    This printer is equipped with the ability to scan and photocopy a document, photo or image just by using the menu feature on the printer.
    This Epson L3150 printer has a scan feature that can be used to scan images or documents and save them in the form of a PDF extension file only by using the EPSON Scan 2 program or Event Manager which is usually installed automatically when you install the printer on your computer that uses Windows or Mac operating system.

    It should be noted, if we want to scan using this EPSON L3150 printer, make sure first that the printer is connected or already connected to your computer device. Make sure your printer is connected, you can use a USB cable to your computer or via wireless so you can access it for scanning using the printer.

    It doesn't take long, for those of you who are curious about how or step by step to scan documents/images easily with this L3150 type EPSON printer, see in full the steps of our guide below

    But make sure before doing a scan using the EPSON L3150 printer, you have installed or installed printer software. If you have done everything, it is time for you to be ready to scan using the menu feature on the L3150 printer. Here's how you should do it:

    Guide on How to Scan on the Epson L3150 Printer

    1. Scan Using the Buttons on the Printer Operations panel

    • First, open the scanner cover on your EPSON L3150 printer.
    • Make sure the EPSON L3150 printer scan board is clean without any dirt stuck to it such as dust. If there is dirt, you should immediately clean it using a dry tissue.
    • Next, place the image or photo document that you want to scan on your EPSON L3150 flatbed scanner glass board or you can position it in the upper right corner of the scanned glass board.
    • Close the cover of your scanner and make sure the image or photo document is attached to the EPSON L3150 scan board.
    • After everything is ready now all you have to do is press the white and blue copy buttons at the same time.
    • Then the scanning process will automatically run itself and the scan results will be stored on your computer in the form of a file with a PDF extension.
    • Please check your scan results on the computer. Very easy and not complicated, my friend.

    2. Scan Using the Epson Scan Program

    Next we will do the scanning process again as above, but through the EPSON SCAN scanning program program. But do you know erzedka friends about how to setup and scan documents on this software from Epson? 

    Of course, some already know and some don't. Let's try to do the settings and scan with this Epson scanning software.

    • Place the document/image you want to scan in the scanner glass tray.
    • Then after entering the document/photo, all you have to do is open the EPSON SCAN 2 application. (This program applies to all computer operating systems, whether Windows or Mac.)


    • At the top right of the window you will find the mode menu and select “Professional Mode”. This option will allow you to find many menu options to adjust your scan requirements.
    Professional Mode

    • After finishing setting and adjusting, then the scan software is ready to use.
    • Then select the Scan menu, if you want to scan an image or photo document.
    • You can also use the customize menu to adjust the type of scanning document, image type, resolution, document size and so on.
    It's not easy enough to scan documents, images or photos using a scanner from the EPSON L3150 printer. That's a bit of a guide article on how to run the scanner feature on the Epson L3150 printer which can be summarized by for all of you. Hopefully it can add knowledge and help solve your problems about the EPSON L3150 printer.

    Don't forget to share it with your friends, because knowledge is essentially to be shared with our neighbors, friends, Thank you for those of you who are faithful to read our useful articles. That's all from, wassalam..

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