How to Download Free Fire on a Windows 10 Laptop / PC for Beginners

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How to Download Free Fire on a Windows 10 Laptop / PC for Beginners

Free Fire is a mobile game application that is currently the most downloaded. This game has even been awarded for the 'Best Popular Voting Game' by the Google Play Store. However, it turns out that this game can not only be played on mobile phones but can also be played on a PC or laptop.

Playing Free Fire games on a PC or laptop provides the convenience of a larger screen compared to a cellphone. But, can all PCs or laptops be used to play Free Fire games? Before you download Free Fire, make sure your PC or laptop complies with the following terms or specifications to avoid errors.

Minimum specifications:
    • OS : Windows XP
    • Processor: Intel/AMD dual core and above
    • RAM: 2GB
    • Graphics : Intel/AMD/NVIDIA

Recommended specifications:
    • OS : Windows 7
    • Processor: Intel. AMD i5 and above
    • RAM: 8GB
    • Graphics : AMD/NVIDIA discrete graphics, GTX660 and above

How to Download Free Fire on a Laptop Without Lag

If it is in accordance with the specifications above, you can just download and install it by following the steps below.

  1. First, please open a web browser on your PC or laptop, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and so on.
  2. Then, please type "ldplayer".
  3. Then, please click on the website that first appears.
  4. Then, just go ahead and click Download LDPlayer.
  5. Wait a few moments until the download is complete.
  6. When finished, please double click on the LDPlayer application.
  7. Then, please click Install.
  8. Then, please wait for a while until the installation process is complete. Make sure your PC or laptop is connected to the internet because the installation process will require an internet connection. Fast or slow process depends on your connection speed.
  9. When finished, please click Start. Then, wait a few moments until the process is complete.
  10. When it's finished, you will get a view similar to tabs in general.
  11. Just go ahead, please click search to find the Free Fire game. But, before starting to search and download the Free Fire game, you can set the RAM, CPU, Resolution, and so on according to your specifications or wishes.
  12. Then, please type FreeFire in the search field and please click on the game.
  13. Then, please click Install. Before starting to download, you must login with your email first. Just like when you login in Google Playstore on Android. Please click Login. Then, please enter your email address and click Next.
  14. Then, enter the password or password. Then, click Next.
  15. Then, please click I Agree.
  16. Then, please click Install to start the Free Fire game installation process. Then, click Accept.
  17. Wait a few moments until the process is complete. Then, please click Open to run the application immediately.
  18. And done. You can directly play this Free Fire game on your PC or laptop. As in the image below.
  19. If your mouse does not appear in the display, please press Ctrl on the keyboard.
  20. If you are out and want to play it again, you just have to open the LDPlayer application on the desktop and open the Free Fire game in it.

So this article discusses how to download the Free Fire game on a PC or laptop. So, you no longer need to use a cellphone whose screen is still not big enough for you.

Now you can get the experience of playing the Free Fire game with a large PC or laptop screen. Hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for you. Thank you for visiting our website..!!

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