How to Use F.Lux to Adjust Computer / Laptop Screen Brightness

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How to Use F.Lux to Adjust Computer / Laptop Screen Brightness

The brightness on the monitor screen often makes our eyes feel tired and dehydrated. Therefore, it is very important for us gadget users to adjust the brightness on the gadget screen or monitor, especially if we often use computers or gadgets at night.

Each screen gadget or monitor usually has its own lighting settings, so we can increase or decrease the level of lighting. But do you know that it is not enough for our eyes? Because the gadget always emits blue lighting, where the light can damage our eyes.

Then how to solve it? The trick is that we have to use a third-party application to reduce blue light and adjust the exposure on our monitor. The application that we can use is f.lux. Well, in this article I will explain how to use f.lux.

How to Use F.Lux to Adjust Screen Brightness

The most basic function of the f.Lux application is that it can adjust the color temperature of the screen of our gadget or monitor. This application can filter the blue light emitted by our monitor. And this application can also adjust the brightness of the monitor screen according to the time, namely when the sun starts to set.

Looking at the monitor screen for a long time and at night can suppress the production of the hormone melatonin in the body. The side effect is that we will have difficulty sleeping or commonly known as insomnia. And the hunting light on the monitor has the greatest power to suppress these hormones.

The task of this f.lux application is to make our monitor screen turn orange, which is the result of a blue light filter. So that it is not only good for the eyes, but can also reduce disturbances in our sleep patterns.

Well, here's how to use f.lux on a computer or laptop.

1. The first thing you have to do is download the F.lux application first. You can download the application from the following link (Click Here).

Because on this website you don't need to doubt the threat of viruses or malware, because it has been confirmed that the Erzedka website is free from viruses or malware. Moreover, this website provides the latest version of the f.lux application, which is version 4.104 which was released in 2020. Click the f.lux application installer to install the application on your laptop or computer.

2. Click Accept to continue the installation.

3. In the f.lux application, we need to set our current location. The point is to find out the time and time at your location. Type the name of the city you are in and then click Search. After that, when finished looking for the name of the city where you are, click the OK button.

4. When I turned on the laptop, it was still dawn, so the f.lux application changed the light display on my laptop to orange. Here you can also set what time you wake up from sleep and you can also adjust the lighting on your monitor screen.

5. Then you can change the color on the monitor display by clicking the three bar icon in the upper left corner and selecting Change current color. And on the menu, choose one of the colors you want and you are comfortable with. Here I choose Dim Incandescent.

6. Then you can add other effects and colors, by clicking the three bar icon in the upper left corner and then selecting the Effects and extra colors menu. On the menu, select the effect you want, here I chose the darkroom mode effect. So that the display on my monitor screen goes dark.

7. With the f.lux application, you can disable the f.lux application. Here I choose to disable the f.lux application when using Picpick. So this application will not run when I use the Picpick application.

Those are some tutorials or how to use f.lux to adjust the brightness of your computer or laptop screen. Hopefully this article can be useful and keep your eyes healthy. Use this application to help you stare at the monitor screen, so your eyes don't get tired quickly.

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