How to Share a Windows XP Printer Using a LAN Network

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Buddy can share printers on Windows XP in an easy way. To be able to share a printer, you don't need an additional master printer driver as long as the printer you are using is already installed on your Windows XP computer. The sharing process can also be done in just a few seconds.

Sharing printers on Windows XP is useful for giving permission to other computers to print on one printer. In other words, the printer can be used by several computers at once, this will certainly make the work you do easier. 

If you use the printer only for personal purposes at home, it is felt that sharing this printer is not so important. But these tips will be very useful if you use it while in the office.

How to Share a Windows XP Printer Using a LAN Network
How to Share a Windows XP Printer Using a LAN Network

For example, if in one office there are only 2 printers, while there are 4 computers in the office, then the computer connected to the printer must share access to the printer so that it can be used by other computers.

Before printing using Windows XP, there are several stages of settings that you have to set first. Check out the following tutorial on How to Share a Windows XP Printer:

Before sharing a printer on a Lan Network, you should pay attention to the following:
  1. Make sure all computers are connected to the network (LAN).
  2. Make sure the IP address between computers is correct with the same IP address number. (example: computer ip 1:, computer ip 2: and so on)
  3. Try the same group name between computers so that it is easily recognized. The way to make the settings is by right-clicking on the 'my computer' icon - selecting properties - the 'Computer Name' menu tab. then fill in the workgroup name with the appropriate name.

  4. At the bottom select the check box for the workgroup.
  5. Then enter the name 'WORKGROUP'.
  6. After doing some of these settings, then you can share the printer on the host computer (local) and the client computer.
How to Setup Printer Sharing on a Host Computer that is Directly Connected to the Printer
  1. Click the start button.

  2. Select Settings – Printers and Faxes.
  3. Select the printer to be shared or shared over the network, then right-click and select 'Sharing'.
  4. Select the 'Sharing' tab menu then there are two options, namely 'Do Not Share This Printer' and 'Share This Printer'. Select the 'Share This Printer'.
  5. Fill in the name of the printer that will be shared and the name will appear on the client computer.

  6. Continue by clicking ok.

How to Set Printer Sharing on a Computer that Will Use the Printer
  1. Click start – Settings – Printers and Faxs.
  2. After the window appears, right-click the mouse on an empty area. Select the checkbox for 'A network printer, or a printer attached to another computer'.

  3. After that select the top option, namely 'Browse for a printer'.
  4. Double-click on the words 'WORKGROUP', after which the names of computers and a list of shared printers will appear.
  5. Double click on the selected printer, click Next until
  6. Do a print test to test the success of sharing printers that you have friends
That's some information about how to share a Windows XP printer that Erzedka has provided. This method can be done easily and quickly, right? With the sharing feature, you can now share printers easily. 

Hopefully all the information above can be used as a reference for friends who want to know how to share a Windows XP printer. Hopefully this article is useful and good luck, my friend!

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