How to Print F4 or Legal Size Paper Ssing MS Word

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Printing or printing legal paper, folio, even F4 is one of the most common jobs encountered. We may have faced an obstacle, where there were things that made us disappointed when printing a paper but the size was not included in the list of printers.

So sometimes we often do our own way to be able to keep printing the document using the paper we want. Looking at the general way a sheet of paper is the same, but what makes the difference is the length of the paper.

On the F4 paper size it has a length of 13 inches, and for Lalas paper it is 14 inches long. For those of you who feel confused about the size of the paper, you can see it on the paper wrapper.

There will be written very clearly which shows it is legal paper, A4, Folio, F4 and others along with the size of the paper dimensions. There are 2 steps that are most commonly done when printing documents, namely using legal paper or F4.

For those of you who want to print using the paper, the first thing you have to do is to set the printer to match the document you are going to print. In the following, we will explain how to print F4 size paper or legally using MS Word, which you can see in full below.

How to Print F4 or Legal Size Paper Ssing MS Word

If your document is currently using F4 or legal paper size then you can proceed to the next step. But if not, you must prepare a document with F4 paper size or legal with the following steps.

  1. First you have to pop up the page setup dialog
  2. Then click on the Page Layout ribbon tab, there will appear a small box on the right of the group click Page Setup, or you can press the keyboard key ALT+P SP
  3. In the page setup dialog section you can select the Paper tab
  4. Then in the Paper size section, adjust the Legal paper size (8.5 × 14 in), or you can choose F4 (8.5 × 13 in). However, if there is no paper size, you can type in the width box with a size of 8.5”, while in the 
  5. Height box write 14” for Legal paper and you can write 13” for F4 paper.
  6. Then you can click the OK button. So that the paper size changes and the contents of the document will adjust (repaginating).

How to print F4/Legal paper

If you have created a document using F4/Folio paper size you can now print the document with the printer. However, there are important things that you must pay attention to, where the printer settings must be correct, so that the results displayed can be appropriate. For that you make sure to use the following steps. we use (Microsoft word 2010).

  1. First you click the File menu and then select Print, or the simplest way is by pressing CTRL + P
  2. Followed by clicking the Printer Properties link
  3. In the Printer Properties dialog, you have to look for the paper size box then change the paper size to Legal size, but if you want to print with F4 paper size but it's not on the list,
  4. You can select the User Defined or Custom Paper item (this depends on the type of printer used)
  5. Next, in the User Defined Size dialog, you can write down the paper size according to the size you know. For example, if the paper is F4 ( 8.5 " x 13 " ) then you must write the inch unit in the width 8.5 box and in the height box by 13 . followed by clicking the OK button.
  6. If you can click the OK button again, and the Printer Settings dialog will close.
  7. Now you can click the Print button to continue the document printing process.

Tips for printing F4/Legal Paper in Microsoft Word

If you want to create a new size with F4 paper, then you can use the Legal paper size but must provide an additional 1 inch of bottom margin. So when you use a 1-inch bottom margin on F4 paper, the result is that the legal paper has a 2-inch bottom margin.

Also make sure you adjust the Legal paper size in the printer settings before starting the printing process.

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